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How much impact does your company with MOYU?

on March 24, 2020  in Zakelijk

With MOYU we have an impact calculator made to make it visible and easy to calculate the impact for your business. Broadly, there are 3 main variables that we used to calculate the impact. These are:

1) The savings at production level. The KIWA has conducted an independent study into the impact of stone paper production compared to alternatives.

1 ton 'normal'papier

1 ton stone paper

1431 kg CO2

474 kg CO2

18 trees

0 trees

20,2 GigaJoule Energy

4,31 Gigajoule Energy

2770 Liter water

0 Liter water

2) The savings based on long-term use of a MOYU. Due to the erasable character of the stone paper, the book can last indefinitely, because the paper hardly wears. We've been on the safe side and made an assumption that our MOYU will only last 5 years.

3) For each MOYU purchased, we plant a tree with the local trees for Kenya community. We have this component separatein out impactcalculator .

In order to arrive at the calculations, we have made the following assumptions:

  • 1 sheet of normal pulp paper 80 grams paper weighs 2.5 grams
  • 1 standard notebook has an average of 100 sheets, which is 250 grams of paper.
  • 1 ton normal papier will make 4.000 notebooks.
  • An average person will use 3 notebooks a year.
  • 1 MOYU can be used for 5 jaar and will replace 15 'normal'-notebooks.
  • The average notebook costs € 4,-.
  • 1 MOYU costs € 30.

This provides input for the calculator:

< tr>


3,55 CO2 equivalents saved

0,0675 Trees saved

0.075725 GigaJoule Energy saved

10,387 liters of water saved

1 Trees planted

€30 saved

We are aware that this is an 'estimated guess' based on the available sources of KIWA, consumption within companies and ope nable price information. Ultimately, the impact is even more in the actual replacement of the notebooks at companies. However, this information will only be visible in a few years after companies have been using our notebooks for a number of years.

If you have any feedback on the above information, we are always open to improvements and conversation!

by Corina on March 16, 2021


Via nudge.nl ben ik aan jullie site gekomen.

Het lijkt ons een leuk idee om ipv kerstpakket een steenpapier notebook aan onze relaties te geven.
Hebben jullie ook mogelijkheden om de “kaft” aan te passen met ons logo?

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