Artistic Collaborations

Calling for creatives who want to rock their designs on MOYU notebook covers.
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Artistic collections

We love to use MOYUs as a way to showcase creative talent. That’s why we have a special notebook collection to promote 3 unique artistic covers.

How it works

Step 1

Get your cover chosen by our fans

Submit your design and we will show it to our fans. Once a month, we take the highest rated designs and choose the ones to add to the artistic collection.
Step 2

We invest in producing
100 notebooks

If your cover design gets chosen, we will print 100 notebooks and add them to the Artistic Collection in the MOYU webshop.
Step 3

You will get free notebooks & a percentage of the sales

We will send you 10 of your MOYU notebooks. And then, at the end of the month, we will pay you 10% of the revenue for each of your notebooks sold.

Wall of artistic covers

These MOYUs from our existing collections are eagerly waiting to be replaced by the next artistic covers.

Ready to set your design on stone?

Send your design to and we will be happy to show it to our fans.

The usual suspects

What do I need to submit exactly?
It’s completely up to you. You can submit a preliminary sketch of your idea for us to review and give you feedback. Or, if you are clear what you want to create, go all the way and submit your final design.
How do you select the notebook designs?
For the Artistic Collection, we display three notebook designs at a time on the webshop. When a design is about to sell out, we ask our fans which design they would like to see in the shop next. Then, based on the results, we'll print 100 notebooks of the winning design.
How does the payment work?
If your design is selected, then we will invest in printing 100 notebooks with your cover design. Once the notebooks are ready, we will send you10 notebooks and the rest will be put for sale on our webshop. At the end of the month, we will pay you 10% of the revenue of each of your notebooks sold.
What happens after the 100 notebooks are sold out?
The first 10 notebooks are the ones that we give to you. When the remaining 90 are sold, we will replace your notebook with new cover design of another artist. Unless your notebooks sell within a week, in that case we will be happy to print 100 more notebooks.
Once my notebooks are sold out, can I still order new ones?
Yes, you can always place an order to print more of your notebook designs. We would offer you the same printing fees as for personalized MOYUs.