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The paper industry produces paper like there is no tomorrow. We decided to create rock solid rewritables. So anyone can hack away at single-use paper and contribute to reforesting the planet.

30 football fields of forest are cleared every minute

That's 15 billion trees a year, worldwide.

Why? People love to write and we don't always stop to think how the rising demand for single-use paper accelerates deforestation.

Stone cold facts about the paper industry

CO2 emissions, infertile soil, shrinking biodiversity, and the collapse of local and global ecosystems can all be linked to the paper industry.

It's a bit heavy and on the dramatic side of things to read. And that's exactly why there is a need for change.
7% of the world’s CO2 emissions are caused by the paper industry.
The paper industry is 3x more polluting than the airline industry.
10 liters of water can be used to produce a single A4 paper.
17% of all trees cut are used to make single-use paper.

Time to hack away at single-use paper

We looked back in history, way back to the stone age, and found a better way.

We are reimagining stationery items by using stone paper. An alternative source for paper free from trees, water, and bleach. Rewritable and easy to recycle.

In short, we found a way to make rock solid rewritables that just keep on living.

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Time to stand up against deforestation!

Reusable paper is not enough. That's why for every notebook we sell, we plant a tree.
Well, not exactly us. We work with Trees For Kenya. A non-governmental organization that plants and manages trees. They make sure the right trees are planted in the areas that need it the most.
Our ultimate goal is to build a circular paper industry in which stone paper is the new norm. Read more about the Stone Paper Alliance in the making.
A YouTube video about the Trees for Kenya collaboration

MOYUs working their magic!

For every notebook sold, we plant one tree and save valuable resources.

Quality & sustainability are our top priorities

We have the certificates to prove it.

True impact is in the numbers

We are happy with every single person that buys and loves their MOYU. And yet, we all know strength is in the masses.

That's why we also personalize MOYUs, so companies like yours can join our mission by surprising employees and clients with the ultimate feel-good, do-good business gift.
Personalized business notebooks

Stone paper at the heart of our SDG efforts

Want to help us reforest the planet?

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