2022: a year of rock-solid accomplishments!

Written by:
Roel Schatorjé
Published on:
April 18, 2023
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Year one after our successful crowdfunding campaign, and we are excited to say that MOYU has had an incredible year because of your support - THANK YOU!

Within a year, we evolved as an organization, grew our revenue, and prepared to increase global awareness of MOYU and the urgency for change within the paper industry.

Read on for exciting insights into MOYU’s latest developments.

2022 in a nutshell

After successfully getting traction in the Benelux in 2021, we decided 2022 was the year to test the waters in new European countries. And, being the ambitious bunch that we are, we set our sights on France and Germany first - known to be the largest, yet trickiest, European markets.

At the same time, we stayed mission-focused: we found new partners and attended all types of events through which we could spread the word about our mission while working our magic on new products to hack away at the single-use paper.

A beautiful MOYU in the forest

MOYU goes international

How did we do with our expansion to France & Germany? Well, we sold to 4,000 MOYU users in France and a whopping 11,000 in Germany (fair to say that a big chunk came from one large company order). Although we are happy with the initial results, it goes without saying that we want more.

So we decided to hire experienced agents fluent in the local language and with local networks we can tap into, launch a new website with multi-language functionality, and onboard more experienced team members with the objective to accelerate growth within these markets in 2023.

A MOYU in Paris!

New MOYU products

For the business market, we launched a more simple and competitive product at a lower price point, and we have to say it is catching on well! It's exciting to see the number of businesses adopting MOYUs to transition to paperless and elegant offices!

For the consumer market, we brought some exciting products to life: we launched a unique collection of covers, a hardcover premium notebook, erasable flashcards, tabs to organize A5 notebooks, a coloring set for kids, and the list goes on.

You know us: we are always looking to inspire you with innovative and high-quality writing solutions made from stone paper. :)

Coloring sheets and other products for kids

Partnerships to keep growing

On the partnership front, we teamed up with partners who sell to large retail chains and corporations. Important players in the Dutch and European markets are willing to help us scale up quicker in 2023. It’s a big step for us as it will increase our reach and ability to inspire people across the globe with rewritable products made from stone paper that enable them to hack away at single-use paper.

So many MOYUs!

Our ambition knows no limits

In 2023 we will focus on realizing the growth opportunities in France and Germany.

At the same time, we will open our webshop to take orders from all over Europe. Pretty awesome, right? We will run a marketing campaign within a new European country each month to raise awareness about MOYU and test the potential of different markets before deciding which ones to target next.

Fun fact: while focusing on conquering Europe, we have gotten a lot of attention from other international players and are in talks with companies from the United States of America and Mexico. Who knows what kind of opportunities will pop up in the near future?

Another picture of a bunch of MOYUs

Plans for 2023

As you can see, we are already rocking 2023. We launched a recycled felts notebook cover made from written-off uniforms and old textiles by our I-Did Factory partner. 

We have many initiatives in progress, but we don't want to spoil the surprises for you. Well, maybe just one spoiler to give you a small taste of what is coming: we are rebranding MOYU! 

Together with a group of creative people, we are giving MOYU a magical face wash. You can expect a brand-new look & feel across our products, website, and other communications. It's our way to turn some heads within the paper industry in a cheerful yet bold way.

A big thank you!

All in all. It has been a busy and successful year. One that makes us go into 2023 full of confidence. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for MOYU.

Thank you a million times for your trust and for investing in our mission to reforest the planet. Without it, we would not have been able to create all this sustainable awesomeness.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out, Paul and I are always available to help!


Our Founders <3

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