The Ever Elusive Organized Desk in the Workplace

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Maja Grcic
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December 20, 2023
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Deep down, you probably already know it: a tidy workplace is good for your ability to concentrate, your performance, your overview in your notes and… well, basically everything!

It's just... How do you manage such a tidy workplace? In the hustle and bustle of every working day, it's very easy to lose track of everything you still have to do. Maybe you don't even have time to tidy up your desk because you're rushing from meeting to meeting or because you're up to your ears in work. Of course, it's also possible that your workplace currently is a huge mess, which makes you lose heart just thinking about cleaning it up.

Still, it's more than worth reconsidering cleaning up your workspace. A tidy workplace has many advantages, such as working more productively, reducing stress, storing important documents, etcetera. All you have to do is thoroughly clean your workplace once, and then spend 5 minutes every day on it. Easy does it!

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Advantage 1 of an organized desk and workplace: You'll be more concentrated

Actually, this advantage speaks for itself. After all, your brain is programmed in such a way that it receives different stimuli at the same time and filters on how important they are or aren't. If your desk is full of papers and notes, and your computer has 5, 10 or 20 tabs open, and there are many things lying around on the floor, then your brain has to deal with all those stimuli. This makes it impossible to concentrate on the work you have to do.

By tidying up your workplace, you ensure more peace of mind in your brain, so that it can focus on the important tasks of your working day.

Advantage 2 of an organized desk and workplace: You'll be more productive

An advantage that is inextricably linked to your ability to concentrate is your ability to work more productively. Because you can concentrate better, you work with more focus, and therefore more productive and efficient.

But you also work more productively by organizing your workplace smartly and efficiently. Think of a permanent place for different types of documents, the use of a filing cabinet under your desk and the use of files and trays in which you put pens, keys or other items, for example.

Advantage 3 of an organized desk and workplace: You'll make your colleagues happy

Like it or not, your workplace also affects the mood of your colleagues. By keeping it tidy, you invite colleagues to work with you. In addition, you radiate professionalism and you also prevent irritations and discussions about your mess that can bother others.

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Advantage 4 of an organized desk and workplace: You'll prevent work stress

Work stress. Stressing about work. Who doesn't do it? We all deal with it on a daily basis. One component of work stress is clutter in and around your workplace. It contributes to the existing chaos in your head. By tidying up regularly, you not only organize your desk, but also your head! And that, in turn, contributes to your ability to concentrate, which then increases your productivity and thus reduces your work stress. Win win!

Advantage 5 of an organized desk and workplace: Your documents will remain safe

If you don't keep your workplace tidy (and we're talking about your desk and paper documents as well as your digital documents on your computer or laptop), there is a good chance that you will lose important documents and leave privacy-sensitive information lying around. That's why it's important to properly organize your digital documents in different folders and to protect them if necessary.

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Useful tips for an organized desk and workplace

Whether you like tidying up or not: everyone at work benefits from your tidy workplace. You'll work more productively and reduce your work stress, and your colleagues won't have to get annoyed by your mess, they'll like to work with you and maybe even follow your excellent example.

How do you ensure a tidy workplace in practice? Some tips!

Tip 1: Make time every day to clear your desk. Keeping a tidy workplace is a lot easier than cleaning up your workplace when there's already a lot of clutter. So take a few minutes at the start of your working day or at the end of your working day to neatly organize your desk. Small effort, big effect!

Tip 2: Use a to-do list. At the beginning of the week, make a list of tasks that you must complete that week. Cross them off as soon as you fulfill a task or erase the task completely. This gives even more overview and an extra tidy feeling! For example, try our erasable to-do list, made from stone paper.

Tip 3: Digitize your documents. Working digitally is a lot more environmentally friendly than working on paper and also makes it easier to organize the documents. All you need is a computer (and therefore no folders and files that keep increasing in volume).

Tip 4: Switch to erasable stone paper. Thanks to erasable stone paper, you now only need one notebook in which you can store notes, to-do's and notes. Are you done with your notes? Then scan and digitize them, erase the notes and write on the page again and again.

Tip 5: Read the book Grip. This book contains tips to work more efficiently and productively, so that you get more done in less time, experience more overview and feel a lot less work stress. Highly recommended!

Want to learn more about working efficiently and productively? Check our 10 best tips for efficient planning!

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