Personalized notebooks: perfect gift for clients or staff

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Paul Sintnicolaas
Published on:
March 8, 2023
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A personalised notebook is a great gift to thank your employees, colleagues and team members. Not only is it a practical gift, but it's also a very personal gift that you can fully personalize to your own brand style, core values ​​and vision.

Year 2022, however, sustainability plays a very important role in making choices within your company or office. Unfortunately, a paper notebook doesn't really fit in well with this idea of sustainability. Paper is made from wood, which is an incredibly precious resource that is becoming more and more depleted by the day. Moreover, producing paper costs a lot of water, energy, CO2 emissions and bleach.

So... should writing on paper be banned from now on? Well... Not if it's up to us! Instead of using pulp paper to make notebooks, we use sustainable, erasable stone paper. Our notebooks are produced in an environmentally friendly way, last for years and are therefore a perfect alternative to pulp paper notebooks.

By personalizing them as desired, erasable stone paper notebooks are a great business gift or thank you for colleagues.

Seepje personalized cover

A sustainable promotional gift that stands out

First of all, a personalised notebook made of erasable stone paper is a sustainable choice as a business gift or staff gift. Stone paper is 100% free from trees, water and bleaching agents.

Moreover, no less than 67% less CO2 is released during the production of stone paper than during the production of pulp paper. As a result, the production of stone paper alone is a lot more environmentally friendly than that of pulp paper.

In addition, stone paper is very well recyclable and is Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certified: it can therefore be recycled over and over again without having to add new raw materials.

Last but not least, stone paper in combination with our special MOYU pen is reusable, because the ink can be completely erased with a damp cloth. After erasing, you can use the page again and write up to 500 times on it.

In short: a stone paper notebook is sustainable in production, lasts indefinitely and is very easy to recycle.

Some of our clients that personalized their MOYU

Not just sustainable: it's a creative and authentic gift too!

A personalised stone paper notebook is not only a sustainable gift, but also a very authentic and creative gift! For example for your staff or for your relations.

A personalised notebook is designed according to your corporate identity, logo, core values ​​and vision. In addition, you can use it for personal messages and statements to inspire your relationship, customer or colleague.

Since stone paper is still a relatively unknown type of paper, there's a good chance that your recipient has never heard of it or at least does not use it yet. The erasable effect of stone paper completes the surprise! You can bet you're going to score high with this.

Ritual's gift for their new employees is a personalized MOYU

A practical and personal thank-you for colleagues

A personalised notebook made of erasable stone paper is not only nice to give to your relations or customers, but also to your colleagues or employees. After all, it's a very practical gift that will actually be used on a regular basis and doesn't end up in the trash after two days.

Moreover, this gift will last for years with the lucky recipients and they will therefore experience endless writing pleasure. Corona pandemic or not: this is a gift that your colleagues and employees can always count on.

Air France and KLM multi-subject personalized MOYU

On the road to a sustainable office, thanks to stone paper

An erasable notebook made of stone paper goes well with making your office or workplace more sustainable. After all, an environmentally friendly office is an integral part of our society today. Are you looking for sustainable office supplies for your workplace? Then a notebook made of sustainable stone paper is a very wise choice!

If you prefer not to use notebooks, but other stationery like erasable diaries, week planners, to-do lists or desk planners, then you can check our wide range of erasable planning tools at MOYU. These can also be personalised as desired with, for example, your own logo on it.

Becoming a Paperless Office? No problem!

Finally, a personalised erasable notebook made of stone paper also fits very well with the desire to become a paperless office. A paperless office means that you no longer use paper in your workplace or office. Thanks to stone paper, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of writing by hand, but you prevent paper waste, single-use paper and deforestation by moving away from pulp paper.

Psst! A personalised notebook as part of your Christmas Box? Yes please! Check out our Christmas page for the various options.

Christmas custom MOYU boxes? Yes, you can!

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