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Editorial angles

Single-use paper industry is ripe for change

Did you know 30 football fields of forest disappear every minute? That's a shocking 15 billion trees a year worldwide. It's a blow to the CO2 emissions reduction efforts or the shrinking biodiversity problem that is hard to take.

One of the primary causes is that the paper industry produces paper like there is no tomorrow. Why? We love to write and don't always stop to think about how the rising demand for single-use paper accelerates deforestation. And that's where stone paper comes in!

A sustainable alternative to single-use paper

Stone paper is a game-changing innovation set to redefine the paper industry. Unlike traditional paper made from trees, stone paper is a unique blend of limestone and non-toxic resins, giving it multiple benefits as a sustainable alternative.
By choosing stone paper, we can break free from deforestation's grip, as it removes the need for trees, water, or chemicals. It's an eco-friendly solution to help preserve forests, protect biodiversity, and significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

A circular alternative to tree-pulp paper

Welcome to the world of stone paper, a revolutionary solution aiming to transform the paper industry by offering a true circular alternative to traditional tree-pulp paper.
It's easy to use and has unparalleled eco-friendliness, exceptional durability, water & tear resistance, and the fact it's 100% recyclable make it an environmentally sound choice for a sustainable future. 

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MOYU Press Kit

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