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Smooth writing experience

Rock solid paper, 500 times rewritable, bound in notebooks that are made to last.
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Write with purpose

Your MOYU directly contributes to hacking away at single-use paper and reforesting the planet.
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Personalized business MOYUs

Brand your stone paper notebooks to leave a lasting impression.
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Erasable notebooks

Rewritable up to 500 times.

Smooth writing experience

Rated by customers with a 9,2.

1 MOYU = 1 tree

Each notebook sold plants 1 tree.


100% recyclable stone paper.

Wipe for more, it keeps on living

Can we make it any easier? Of course we can: write, wipe, rewrite.

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Hacking away at single-use paper

We harness the magic of stone paper to forge amazing reusable writing products. It’s our way of standing up against paper waste & deforestation. And, while we are at it, enter the business of reforesting the planet.

How we reforest the planet

MOYUs working their magic!

For every notebook sold, we plant one tree and save valuable resources.

Personalize your business notebooks

Surprise colleagues and clients with the perfect feel-good, do-good gift: an erasable notebook made from 100% recyclable stone paper with a unique impact story that will leave a lasting impression.

Let your creativity flow into the designs, or step back and let us work our magic.

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A rock solid experience

We don't like to brag. Well just a little. After all, MOYUs are the ultimate feel-good, do-good notebooks around.


“We embraced MOYU notebooks because they perfectly mirror our values as a certified B Corporation. We provide these qualitative notebooks to our new employees at the start of their journey within the company, expressing our dedication to a more sustainable future together.”


"I've been using my MOYU for over a year now, and I haven't used a regular paper notebook since then. We've ordered MOYUs for all our colleagues, and we can already see ourselves saving money compared with other notebooks. Sustainable, quality, and ease of use."


"Switching over to MOYU stone paper notebooks as gifts for all our business relations allowed us to introduce them to a sustainable paper alternative for notebooks. We were pleased with the professionalism and quality of the notebook personalization possibilities."


"Thanks to our collaboration with MOYU, we are able to offer a good alternative to regular paper. It's a great way to move towards a future where we will not need trees to make notebooks, so we can cut back deforestation. Creative solutions like this make all the difference."


“It’s a beautiful way for us as Gardeners to express ourselves in the Do Good initiative. The quality and material is unique. My organized mind jumps out of joy when I erase the to-dos. Taking notes online doesn’t compare to the old-fashioned pen and paper. I’m very happy with it!”

Politie NL

"We chose MOYU because of the durability of the notebooks and that you can really use them for a long time. In addition, you can personalize the notebook and the inside has pages with different styles: diamonds, lines, blank, and dotted."

Ahold Delhaize

“While brainstorming about meaningful gifts for colleagues during our annual sustainability event, MOYU notebooks was our number 1 choice. We are beyond happy with the excellent customer service. MOYU is a true market disruptor, and we’re glad to support their mission!"


"At Bloomon, we pay a lot of attention to sustainability which was the decisive factor to choose for MOYU. It is an easy way to reduce our paper waste. The notebooks enabled us to buy fewer paper notebooks and give an extra touch to the employee experience."


“All our staff have MOYU notebooks, and they are very happy with them. As a result, we use fewer paper notebooks. In addition, we give MOYU notebooks as gifts. They allow us to promote our sustainable brand image, and they stay with our customers for years!"

For creatives to rock their designs

Humanity has come a long way since our original cave wall drawings. Curious how your artistic talent will be received in the new stone paper world?

Submit your designs, launch your limited edition, and find out!

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