Left-handers & erasable notebooks: yes or no?

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Lotte Hertog
Published on:
June 22, 2023
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An erasable notebook if you're left-handed.... Finally people who understand us!

We are often asked whether MOYU is suitable for left-handers. Won't I be smearing or smudging the ink as a left-hander? Will such an erasable notebook even work for left-handers? What do I do if it doesn't work for me?

In this blog we will answer these and other questions!

“I am left handed. Won't it be a mess?”

Yes, that's absolutely possible! Let's be honest about that. Frixion ink in combination with stone paper simply needs more time to dry than regular ink, or than Frixion ink in combination with pulp paper. As a left-hander, it's therefore possible that you will run into this problem.

However, the answer can also be 'no'. It depends on a number of things:

1. How and where do you place your hand?

With our tips you can enjoy MOYU notebooks too

You could imagine that you'll erase the ink faster(er) if you place your hand in the 'middle' of your writing area. The more you move your hand to the right, the more likely you are to touch and smear or smudge the ink.

However, if you place your hand a little higher (above the writing area) or lower (below the writing area), this problem is quickly solved. So, it just depends on whether you do or do not want to change the placement of your hand.

2. How do you hold your pen?

If you like to hold your pen close to the tip, you are more likely to touch the ink with your fingers, thus smudging it. But if you grab the pen a little higher, you won't have any problems with that.

3. How do you write?

Everyone writes in a different way. Fast, slow, big, small, etcetera. This also plays a part.

4. Which product do you use?

An erasable notebook in A5 or A4 size has more and longer lines than, for example, an A6 size notebook or a small notecard. Chances are you won't have any issues with smudging here, as you'll soon be sliding back down with your hand and pen for a new line, task, or note.

An A5 sized notebook from our solid collection

Our erasable stationery products, such as the Productivity Tools, are therefore perfect for discovering whether stone paper works for you as a left-hander! The step to an erasable notebook is also easier to make if you can try a cheaper and smaller item first. Then you know for sure if it works for you.

What are the experiences of other left-handed MOYU users?

The experiences are very, very different. You can see the reviews of our customers for every product in the shop, at the bottom of the page. Below, we have put down a number of reviews from customers who are left-handed.

Happy MOYU users :)

I can not live without!

Because I am left-handed, I initially doubted whether I was doing the right thing in purchasing this notebook. The beautiful story and the prevention of paper waste convinced me. The drying time of the ink is a bit long, but luckily you soon get used to it. So no smudging for me either ;-) - a big plus. I am very happy with the notebook; no more wasted paper due to my countless to-do-lists, and it's just very nice and handy to take with you. I can not live without! 

– Marloes, 21/01/21

Very nice notebook!

As a left-hander I honestly had my doubts, but of all the erasable notebooks out there, this is the best. Obviously I have to make a small adjustment in how I hold the pen, but it's doable. In my opinion, the ink also dries a bit faster than other brands. The booklet is nice and sturdy and the layout fits perfectly with my needs for daily use (home & work). Personally, I didn't need a weekly planner, because I use a digital agenda. I'm hooked, and have already recommended the book to others! :)

– Mariska, 08/05/21

The new shopping

So far I mainly use the shopping list. Due to the strength of the paper, it will last without creasing. Nice to be so environmentally friendly. However, there's one 'but': I am left-handed and therefore have to be very careful of ink stains on the paper. Is there anything that can be done about it?

 – Leo, 20/07/20

This is of course just a selection of the reviews!

In Leo's review, you can read the question: 'I'm left-handed, so I have to watch out for ink stains on the paper.”

Can anything be done about that?

At the moment we cannot change the drying time of the Frixion ink. As soon as it's possible, for example by switching to another brand, we will do that straight away. Or if something can be changed about the stone paper, to make the ink dry faster, we will implement that as soon as possible.

Until then, it mainly depends on how you write and whether you are willing to hold your pen a little differently or to place your hand higher/lower than you are used to.

Can I try your erasable notebooks first?

A Flashy Moss A5 MOYU

You can always try a notebook or other item for 30 days and return it at your own expense. You will then receive the purchase amount back, but you are responsible for the shipping costs. We do this to prevent impulse purchases and abuse of the return policy (which unfortunately did happen in the past).

You can also view our MOYU booklets in one of the physical stores where we are located!

What if it doesn't work for me as a left-hander?

As we wrote above, you can return your product up to 30 days after purchase. The shipping costs are then for your own account.

You can of course also choose to gift the notebook to someone else! There most probably be a friend, colleague, brother or sister who will be very happy with it.

More than just erasable notebooks

Maybe an erasable notebook isn't the best option for you as a left-hander in the end, but another erasable products might be! For example, the smaller A6-sized notebooks, the monthly planner or a set of shopping lists.

In our shop you will find various erasable stationery products in all shapes and sizes under the "Productivity Tools" category. Are you, as a left-hander, not yet convinced of erasable stone paper? Try a smaller sized products first, so you can experience it for yourself!

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