How to MOYU

It's no rock science. There are just 3 rules MOYU owners need to live by.

Write all you want… but use a MOYU pen.

Warning: Regular pens use regular ink, which lack the erasability super power.

Wipe the ink away… but use a damp MOYU cloth.

Small drops of water is all it takes to activate this magical ink wiping device.

Start to write again… but make sure it’s all dry.

MOYUs are awesome. They just haven’t mastered writing on water. Yet.

Pro tip

You can take a picture of your notes before wiping, or use one of these applications.

Short story long

If you have 2,54 minutes to spare, we dug up this buried treasure of our founder Roel explaining how to write on stone paper back when MOYU started.

With his expert explanation, we're sure you'll pick it up in no time! :)
A YouTube video explaining how a MOYU notebook works

A notebook that just keeps on living

Last check 500 lives.

Something you should know

Fair warning, your pen will need an occasional refill.

Legend goes that proud MOYU owners stop using the notebook when their pen dries out. That won't be you, since you now know you can always go to our webshop to get erasable ink refills.

Multi-color note takers. Yes, we know it’s a thing.

We got your back! Well, if 5 colors is all you need. Go to our webshop and take your pick from the MOYU pen colors.

The ultimate feel-good, do-good notebook

We're sure you’ll love using your MOYU. Hand on stone that you won't find a smoother erasable writing experience.

And, to top it all off, know that reusing your MOYU over and over again means you are actively hacking away at single-use paper.

Eco-friendly gift

For every 1 MOYU we plant 1 tree.

Single-Use Paper

1 MOYU replaces 15 regular notebooks.

Less paper

Prevents of production of 4,5 kg of pulp paper.

Personalized MOYUs for business

Do you think some of your colleagues or clients at work would love a MOYU?

We have something extra special you can surprise them with. Take a look.

Personalized notebooks

Cradle-to-cradle recyclable

100% recyclable awesomeness

The best part is that when you’re done with the notebook, you just need to make sure it makes its way back to the stone paper factory to give the paper another life.

Give your MOYU another life

Is your notebook older than 5 years old, it might be time to send it back to the stone spa.

Send it back our way. We'll pay for the shipping costs and offer you a 20% discount on your next MOYU notebook.
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Show off your MOYU!
Show off your MOYU!
Show off your MOYU!
Show off your MOYU!
Show off your MOYU!
Show off your MOYU!
Show off your MOYU!

Spread the word!

Your MOYU is the reason one new tree has been planted in this world. And here is the badge to prove it.

Share your +1 Tree Badge with the world and inspire others to change their writing habits and stand up against deforestation.

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