The 4 best free scanning apps to digitalize notes

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Lotte Hertog
Published on:
June 22, 2023
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When it comes down to digitizing your notes, you have many available scan apps. Each app has its own set of features. We've curated a list of the four top-rated free scan apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Adobe Scan App

Adobe Scan has earned its reputation as one of the most beloved document-scanning apps. With this app, you can easily scan documents either automatically or manually. The app intelligently detects paper and performs scans, automatically cropping the dimensions. However, if needed, you also have the flexibility to rotate and crop the image manually.

After scanning, you can save the file as a PDF, and the app recognizes text for easy editing using Adobe Document Cloud. If you want to digitize handwritten texts, Adobe Scan also offers OCR functionality.

Adobe Scan App preview

Microsoft Office Lens Scan App

Microsoft Office Lens is another standout in the world of scanning apps. It's known for its exceptional user-friendliness. The app seamlessly detects available documents for scanning. Once scanned, you can crop, rotate and even add extra notes or pages to the documents.

What sets Microsoft Office Lens apart is its integration with other Office products like OneNote, Word, OneDrive, and PowerPoint, enabling direct export of your scans.

Microsoft Lens Scan App preview

Microsoft Office Lens immediately recognizes whether a document is available to scan. As with Adobe Scan, it is also possible to scan the page manually. After scanning, you can still crop and rotate the page.

You could even add multiple pages or write an extra note on them. The great advantage of Microsoft Office Lens is its flexibility. With numerous integrations of other Office products (OneNote, Word, OneDrive, Powerpoint) you can directly export the scan.

Genius Scan App

True to its name, Genius Scan offers a comprehensive scanning experience on the go, allowing you to export documents as multi-page PDF files. The app automatically recognizes and crops images, ensuring a clear and structured scan. It excels at handling multiple pages efficiently, and you can even remove shadows and apply filters for better image quality.

Genius Scan also offers text recognition capabilities. And if you are looking for advanced features like creating contacts and backups, you can purchase premium options at a one-time rate.

Genius Scan App preview

Scanbot Scan App

Scanbot is a straightforward and reliable scanning app that delivers on its promise. While it also offers additional premium features like Genius Scan, it's user-friendliness and gallery organization have earned slightly lower ratings. Nevertheless, it remains a solid choice for efficient document scanning.

Scanbot App preview

In conclusion

In the sea of scanning apps these four options have consistently gathered high ratings and good user feedback. Microsoft Office Lens is highly recommended for Android users, while Adobe Scan and Genius Scan cater well to Apple enthusiasts. Remember, premium features are available for those planning to use these apps more intensively.

Choose one of these top free scan apps to make scanning fast and hassle-free. And if you're ready to take your note-taking experience to the next level, why not consider switching to writing, scanning, and erasing on stone paper?

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