How do I digitize my notes?

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Digitize notes. How does it work?

Everyone knows it. Wonderfully efficient writing in your notebook or notepad . Just a few thoughts and no distractions from the laptop. Until the moment…. Your notebook is full. Whether you have to present the meetings in a PowerPoint to your colleagues .. There you are. Baked. In this blog we will take you back in time and give you the benefits of writing by hand and all the consequences that this has in the current and constantly changing society.

Digitaliseren notities

6 Benefits of handwriting.

Why write in a notebook at all? For this we have to go back in time. When there were no computers and digital devices, we didn't know any better. Yet we weren't stupid before. Writing by hand has a number of major advantages:

  • Faster learn to read: by writing, you also learn to read faster. Win win. You also remember everything you write down 7x better than on a laptop or Ipad.
  • By writing, you rapidly develop fine and gross motor skills. As a child, you really have to practice and learn to write, so your brain makes many connections.
  • Focus. How could it be otherwise in the 21st century? With 100 stimuli a minute coming at you, it's not surprising that focus will be one of the main benefits of writing for most people.
  • Relaxation. Imagine: in the forest with a notebook writing off your thoughts versus behind your laptop where your square eyes just barely protrude and then let your thoughts run free. What is your preference for relaxation? Right, I thought so too
  • Comfort. A study by the University of Twente has shown that 53% feel better after depression due to autobiographical writing.
  • Structure. Rick Pastoor talks in his book Grip about a second brain: tasks that come in while you are busy with another task, you have to park for a while. By putting these tasks directly on paper, you write them off and therefore they do not give extra stress and even relief. I myself use the Power Placemat now next to my laptop every day to use it as a second brain. And good for the environment too :).

Schrijven met de hand

Is digitizing still possible?

Absolutely. Adaptation is a must. No matter how nice handwriting and how many benefits it has, if you don't adapt to the environment, you will have a hard time. It has always been like this. Long story short: digitization is (unfortunately) necessary to survive in business. You have to save the conversations in your software or in your CRM, but customer conversations with a screen in between is impersonal. So we have to find solutions.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for digitizing notes. This way you are able to continue to use all the advantages of writing, while you can also store it digitally in no time. Can you picture it already? Take notes digitally? With your notebook into the meeting while everyone hides their head behind their laptop? It is not going to get more personal ;-). Digitizing is possible with numerous apps & amp; tools. We have explained the 4 best apps for digitizing notes in another blog . Happy reading!

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