The 4 best free scan apps for digitizing your notes.

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Free scan apps come in many sizes. There are endless scan apps you can use to digitize your notes. Earlier we wrote about the advantages of writing and digitizing notes . Yet it is almost impossible to avoid the digital age. Below we have highlighted the 4 best free scan apps for iOS and Android.


Android | (1-5)

Apple | (1-5)

Adobe Scan



Microsoft Office Lens



Genius Scan






Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan has developed an app for scanning documents and is one of our big favorites. While scanning, the app searches for a document. If it is found, the scan is made automatically. You also have the option to make the scan manually.

After making the scan, the dimensions are automatically cropped . Of course you can also crop and rotate manually at the end.

After scanning you will be able to edit the whole save as PDF. The app will also automatically recognize the text and with the help of Acrobat you will even be able to edit the document. You can access the scans via Adobe Document Cloud. Adobe Scan also includes OCR functionality that automatically digitizes written text.

Adobe Scan
Figure 1: a simple visual image of scanning with Adobe Scan.

Microsoft Office Lens

Another great feature of scan apps is Microsoft Office Lens. One thing is certain: it will not become more user-friendly.

Figure 2: start, scan and save. Three images show that in no time you are able to make scans and save them in your desired file.

Microsoft Office Lens instantly recognizes whether a document is available to scan. As with Adobe Scan, it is also possible to scan the page manually. After scanning, you can still crop and rotate the page. You could even add multiple pages or write an extra note on it.

The big advantage of Microsoft Office Lens is its flexibility. With numerous integrations of other Office products (OneNote, Word, OneDrive, Powerpoint) you can export the scan directly.

Genius Scan

As the word says: GENIUS. Scan your paper documents on the go and export them as multi-page PDF files.

The scanner app automatically recognizes the image and also crops the image automatically. This way you can scan a lot of pages in no time. This way you keep structure!

Smart scanning also allows you to remove shadows with blemishes, apply filters (such as black and white, photos ) and scan a batch.

Even text recognition is one of the options of the Genius Scan. To get the most out of it, items such as text recognition, create contacts and back-ups can be purchased once for a rate between € 2-25 euros.

Genius Scan

Figure 3: A visual impression of the fresh Genius Scan app.


The Scanbot just does what it should do. Just like the Genius Scan, the Scanbot has possibilities for extra premium features. The scanbot has a slightly lower rating than the other apps. This could be related to the user-friendliness of the app and the overview of the gallery containing the images.

All in although there are many possibilities and integrations possible with cloud parties such as Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack and many more.

Figure 4: An example of the Scanbot scan app.


In the flooded sea of ​​thousands of scan apps, these are the 4 scan apps that are rated the highest and most reliable in the market. As the ratings indicate, Microsoft Office Lens is highly recommended among Android users. For Apple enthusiasts, an Adobe Scan and Genius Scan will probably suffice. It is also good to know that premium features are possible if you really want to use the scan app intensively.

Scanning must go fast and easy, so that it is not a difficult task. No hassle with saving. And no hassle with scanning. As far as we are concerned, the best 4 free scan apps that meet these requirements. Good luck!

by Joke G on March 10, 2021

Geweldig! Ik stelde deze vraag enkele dagen geleden aan MOYU en ziehier meteen een blog erover! Toppers!

by Jurgen on March 16, 2021

Top stukje, bedankt. Zijn deze 4 apps blijvend gratis of moet je na een aantal keren, of weken, alsnog gaan betalen? Helaas al wat slechte ervaringen met “gratis” apps.

by Albert de Booij on September 14, 2020

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