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April 16, 2022

To MOYU or not MOYU?

An erasable notebook from MOYU: yes or no?

Our product is still fairly new on the market, especially in the Netherlands. It therefore only makes sense that many people are a bit hesitant. Does it really work? Does it write well? Is it really that sustainable? All very understandable questions. Questions we also asked ourselves and suppliers before we started MOYU. We understand that it can be quite a decision whether or not to go for a sustainable MOYU notebook, especially if you don't know much about it.

Of course, there are pros and cons, so there are reasons to buy a stone paper notebook and reasons not to. To help you make a decision, we will list the reasons for and against.

Why and when not to buy a MOYU notebook?

1. The purchase is more expensive than that of a paper notebook.

A ring binder notebook costs almost 27 euros and a premium A5 one almost 37 euros. While you may only pay a few euros for a paper notebook.

2. It still has plastic in it.

Plastic is used in the production process of stone paper. Crushed limestone is mixed with recycled HDPE, a clean plastic. The stone paper therefore consists of 80% Calcium Carbonate and 20% plastic. The plastic we use remains within the MOYU chain and is therefore reused.

3. You are left-handed.

For left-handers, it can be a little trickier to write in a stone paper notebook. The ink takes a few seconds to dry and can therefore be erased of smudged with your hand. Our experience shows that for some it's not a problem, but for others it is.

Why and when to buy a MOYU notebook?

1. The notebooks are sustainable and future proof.

One MOYU notebook will last for months or even years. It's therefore a long-term investment that will quickly pay for itself. That suddenly makes the price of our sustainable notebooks a bit more attractive.

2. Working paperless, but writing by hand

Writing by hand is a pleasure to do and also has many advantages, such as better concentration. Wouldn't it be great if you can keep doing that, but without actually using (pulp) paper? It saves a lot of clutter on your desk and at home, and you save trees!

3. The professional appearance of the booklets.

Walking around with a MOYU notebook makes you look professional and chic. Our notebooks have beautiful designs, both outside and inside, whether you like a simple cover or a beautiful image.

4. More overview in your tasks, notes and work.

You can store all your notes in a MOYU notebook, which you can then erase. This gives you a much better overview. Our customers indicate that switching to a MOYU notebook provides much more peace of mind and overview in all to-do's, tasks and notes.

5. Better for nature.

You want to make a green contribution to the world. We all know that we need to change our choices and behavior. That starts with small steps. MOYU is one such step towards less deforestation and paper waste.

Ready to try a MOYU notebook yourself?

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April 16, 2022

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