Become a stone
paper warrior

Six things you can do to hack away at single-use paper.

What can you do to stand up against deforestation?

The first step is embracing tree-free paper to change your writing habits. But why stop there when you can inspire others to do the same?

Most people love taking notes, but they don't know that the paper industry is the 3rd industrial polluter contributing to 17% of all deforestation.

Even worse, almost no one knows that there are good alternatives. And those that do hear about stone paper have a hard time believing it's a thing.

We need all the stone paper warriors we can get to spread the word and teach future generations that there is an easy way to hack away at single-use paper and contribute to reforesting the planet.

Start your training!

Master your MOYU

Get familiar with the ease of writing on stone paper. You know what people say, the true path to mastery is practice.
How to MOYU

Enhance your awareness

Deforestation and reforestation are at the center stage of sustainability issues. Learn more about it and our ongoing efforts in our blog.
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Spread the word

Would you like to inspire more people to hack away at single-use paper? We prepared some content to help you rock your MOYU story.
MOYU media kit

Become an ambassador

Step into the role of a stone paper warrior and promote the importance of hacking away at single-use paper.
Ambassador program

Share your wisdom
in schools

Make kids aware about deforestation and get them thinking about how to hack away at single-use paper.
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Co-create more collections

Use your artistic talents for good by designing a limited edition cover that will get more people writing on stone paper.
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