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Sustainable Christmas Boxes 2023

With moyu you gift someone a fair story. A box full of sustainable goodies and a branded erasable notebook!

* Impact Benefit: 5% extra discount from 250 pieces, 10% from 500 pieces.

Or add a branded notebook to your own Christmas Box.

Gift once, rewrite up to 500 times

One notebook = one tree planted

Receive a sample within one work day

From €8,- and shipped within one week

Will you write with us into the future?

The paper industry is 3 times as polluting as the total aircraft industry. And every minute, 30 to 40 football fields of forest are cleared. Nevertheless, writing on pulp paper remains the most common thing in the world, while sustainable and more recyclable alternatives are already available. Stone paper is such a sustainable alternative, that offers endless possibilities!

Have your sustainable Christmas Box delivered quickly

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Personal, creative and sustainable gift

From €8,- and shipped within one week

Rated by customers with a 9.2

Personalize softcover and hardcover in full color

Shipping possible throughout Europe

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Are you looking for a personalised business gift, the coolest onboarding gift for new employees or do you want your company to become paperless and save costs?

Phone: +31 6 34 22 17 10

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Our festive green Christmas promise to you…

Choosing a MOYU Christmas box means making a future-proof choice. A future for yourself, nature, your colleagues and even your wallet. Our promise:

A gift that lasts for years.

A MOYU Notebook won’t be thrown into the trash on New Year's Eve. Nor in 2023. Not even in 2024. This gift will last for years! Even in a period full of celebration and abundance, sustainable choice is possible.

Best choice for you, office and marketing managers out there!

You contribute to nature with your own house style on a product that will last for years. If that's not marketing… And you won't have to order any new paper notebooks in the coming years. 1+1 = 3.

You’re an inspiration.

You inspire your colleagues and team members. In fact, you set a good example by daring to choose green, and thus inspire your staff to (continue to) do so too. In this way you can make a difference together in both the short and long term.

Sustainable Christmas Box: The New Normal

In 2022, it will no longer be possible to give a Christmas box full of plastic, disposable products and useless knick knacks. Most items are not even used, or end up in the trash the same evening. All the raw materials that were used during production of these items, the associated CO2 emissions and environmental pollution involved have all been for nothing. And your staff is left with a useless box.

How does MOYU work?

Step 1: Write with your MOYU pen

The MOYU pen contains the original Frixion ink. This ink dries completely on the stone paper and is easy to erase without leaving any traces.

Step 2: Scan your notes

Do you want to save your notes? Scan, digitize and then store them in the Cloud or Drive. Use your favorite scanning app for this.

Step 3: Erase the Ink

Slightly dampen the supplied MOYU cloth with some water, and erase the ink in no time. It's like magic!

Step 4: Repeat endlessly

On average you can write on stone paper about 500 times. So your notebook will last with you for months or even years!


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