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The rise in paper demand continues to accelerate the rate of deforestation, but what if we could collectively reimagine stationery? Can you imagine a paper industry in which stone paper is the new norm and products are completely tree-free? That would be a true transformation within the 3rd most polluting industry in the world.
Like most change, it starts with an alliance of people who commit to a vision of building a Circular Stone Paper system on European soil.
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Stone Paper Manifesto

Make people aware of stone paper superpowers to increase demand
A successful circular system starts with a healthy demand for stone paper. On the technical side, there is no contest. Stone beats paper across the board. It's waterproof, tear-resistant, and 100% recyclable. The problem is people are not aware, and that is something we must change.
Create a local supply of stone paper products people love
Today, we can supply stone paper products within Europe by importing stone paper from Asia. However, our sustainability heart is driving us to find ways to reduce the logistics footprint. The answer? Start producing stone paper locally.
Commit to collecting the waste stream
Stone paper is recyclable, yes, but the reality is that we need to go further to prevent it ends up in the trash. Together, we will find ways that make it easy for people and businesses to dispose of paper when they finish using it. Collecting the paper is a must to save it from becoming one additional waste stream. In the end, every sheet of paper should keep on living.
Recycle with the lowest carbon footprint
Stone paper is 100% recyclable, yes. But at the same time, it comes with a heavy carbon footprint tag. Recycling stone paper in Europe means the paper has to be shipped to Asia and back. And whether by plane or ship, that is a carbon footprint not needed in this world. We're determined to make recycling as sustainable as we possibly can.

Thoughts on a stone paper industry

A series of blog posts in which our C-Tree-O Roel Schatorje, takes you through his journey of forming an alliance to build a circular stone paper system on European soil.

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