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The sustainable alternative to pulp paper.

Erasable Stone Paper


Step 1: Write with your MOYU pen

The MOYU pen contains the original Frixion ink. This ink dries completely on the stone paper, and can easily be erased without leaving any traces.


Step 2: Scan your notes

Would you like to save your notes? Scan, digitize and save them in the Cloud or Drive. You can use any of your favorite scan apps to do this.


Step 3: Erase the ink

Dampen the accompanied MOYU cloth with some water and erase the ink in an instance. It's like magic!


Step 4: Repeat until infinity

On average, you can write 500 times on stone paper. This means your notebook will stay with you for many months and even years!

So... what exactly is stone paper?

Stone paper is made of 80% limestone and 20% clean plastic. It's naturally tree-free, and no water and chemicals are required to make it. The production of stone paper is therefore more economical and even produces 67% less CO2 emissions compared to the production of pulp paper. Moreover, stone paper can be recycled endlessly, without having to add new raw materials.

From stone dust to notebook.

The MOYU Chain


Collecting residual stone waste in Taiwan

We start our journey in Taiwan. Stone waste in the form of limestone is released during the mining process in the quarries and is collected by the Taiwan Lung Meng Advanced Composite Materials Company.


Grinding the limestone

This limestone is important for extracting calcium carbonate. This is done by grinding the limestone into powder. This stone powder is then stored in a large container and will serve as the main ingredient for our erasable stone paper.


Time for the real job: creating stone paper

This is where the magic happens :-) By adding HDPE to the calcium carbonate as a binder, it becomes possible to make erasable stone paper. HDPE itself is recycled plastic and can be recycled again after use. At the moment, HDPE is the most environmentally friendly plastic we can use.


The trip to the Netherlands

Ready to ship! The freshly made stone paper and the Frixion pens are transported in large quantities by ship to the Netherlands, and collected in Almere by our importer. Since multiple parties order from this importer, more stone paper is transported per transport than only the amount that MOYU needs, so we minimize the impact of shipping together with other stone paper users.


Printing & binding the notebooks

Time to bring the notebooks to life. We chose printer De Bij in Amsterdam, because it's one of the most sustainable printers in the Netherlands. The notebooks are printed there and then transported to our Van Wijk bindery in Utrecht.


Shipping to our customer

The notebooks are ready to use! We store them in our distribution center Studiebijdehand in Zuidland. As soon as you place an order, your MOYU item will be sent from there and you will receive your order within 5 working days.


The recycling process: cradle-to-cradle recyclable

We do everything we can to recycle our products as well as possible. At the moment, it's possible to recycle the stone paper Cradle to Cradle (silver certificate) in Taiwan. Just one problem: returning our notebooks to Taiwan would have a lot of negative impact on the environment. That's why we chose to keep the notebooks here in the Netherlands, until there's a stone paper factory in Europe. Various parties are already working together to build a stone paper factory in Western Europe.


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