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A world full of green

Without single use paper. Without paper waste.
And without deforestation.

That's our mission.

Worldwide, 30 football fields of forest are cleared every minute.

That's 15 billion trees a year.

The paper industry ranks number 3 on the list of biggest drivers of this

massive deforestation.*

*The paper industry emits 7% of all CO2 in the world and is therefore 3 times more polluting than the total aircraft industry!

This large-scale deforestation has far reaching consequences.

Think of large amounts of CO2 emissions, infertile soil, uninhabitable habitats, less clean air, the shrinking of biodiversity and the collapse of both local and global ecosystems. This is a problem for all of us.

We believe in a world without deforestation.

That's why we create stationery items made from erasable stone paper. This paper is free from trees, water and bleach. It's also rewritable up to 500 times and very easy to recycle.

However, fighting deforestation alone is not enough.

Therefore we plant one tree for every notebook sold.

Together with Trees For Kenya

Trees For Kenya is a Kenyan non-governmental organization that plants and manages trees. The organization works with vulnerable communities and local schools to identify and restore degraded forests.

To ensure that we invest in the right tree planting project (and in the future: even more projects!) we have drawn up three requirements:

The correct trees

Trees for Kenya only plants native trees. This means that the trees have been growing in these areas for a long time (if not since always). Native trees have a positive effect on animals, plants, soil and general biodiversity in the area.

Personal relationship

During his year of living in Kenya, our founder Roel has built a personal relationship with the community. The collaboration between MOYU and Trees for Kenya is founded in mutual trust and a shared mission to restore nature.

Honest investments

For every notebook sold, we plant a tree. A part of the money goes to the seedling, but the biggest part goes to a fair wage for the employees in Kenya. This is one of the benefits of working together with a partner like Trees for Kenya.

Our customers have already made a lot of positive impact:

Paper-free together!


Quality and sustainability are our top priorities.

ISO 14001:2004 certificate

Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certificate

KIWA Castor Gaea certificate


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