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World Wildlife Fund

Written by:
Paul Sintnicolaas
Published on:
February 13, 2024
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Be one with nature

Nature is perishing at a rapid pace. Every minute we lose 30 football fields of forest. In 50 years, the population size of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles worldwide has decreased by an average of 69%.

WWF is leading the way, often with their feet in the mud, to protect and restore nature. From Limburg rivers to Amazon rainforest, from Caribbean coral to African wildlife. The message they radiate “we are all part of nature” especially resonates in today’s consumption led world. 

Saving nature means saving ourselves. We are all part of nature.
WWF protects nature in all its forms

Sustainable note taking

WWF is committed to protecting nature in the broadest sense of the word. From awareness to rebel actions to save trees and animals. And that also means combating paper waste and protecting existing ecosystems.

That's why we developed Impact Edition MOYUs together with WWF fans: erasable notebooks with beautiful photos of animals and their natural habitat. Five designs emerged as the most popular ones: Tiger, Flamingo, Elephant, Sea Turtle and Trees.

The profits from these notebook sales go directly to WWF's Billion Trees project.

WWF Impact Edition notebooks are a wonderful gift for yourself, but also a unique and sustainable gift for employees or business relations.

WWF Impact Edition

Supporting endangered wildlife with five erasable notebooks made for animal lovers. Exclusively available in the WWF webshop.

An apex predator in need of some extra love and care.
The oldest, yet graceful swimmer shouting for plastic-free oceans.
A beautiful flamboyance in flight supporting reforestation.
The largest & heaviest land animals in need of protection.
Earth's wisdom and knowledge in need of preservation.
Perry S.
WWF eCommerce Manager

“Thanks to our collaboration with MOYU, we are able to offer a good alternative to regular paper. It’s a great way to move towards a future where we will not need trees to make notebooks, so we can cut back deforestation. Creative solutions like this make all the difference.”

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