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Written by:
Paul Sintnicolaas
Published on:
May 27, 2024
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Lifestyle gear with Volvo standards

Yes, Volvo is known for its cars, but they do much more than that. From Volvo Merchandise, they design, source, and distribute lifestyle gear that supports and enhances the Volvo customer experience. 

Volvo takes pride in that its lifestyle gear symbolizes the same care for quality, safety, and the environment as when placed on trucks, buses, construction equipment, and power solutions for marine and industrial applications. They see their merchandise products as an extension to building Volvo vehicles.

We exclusively choose partners that share our care for the world we live in, treat their staff fairly, and supply products that meet the highest Volvo standards.

Personal, durable, and safe

Volvo is a brand for people who care about the world and those around them. Their mission is to make life easier, better, and safer for everyone.

Volvo Merchandise is always on the lookout for partners that offer products that meet or exceed the CSR standards of Volvo Group. One important requirement is that these partners can prove their quality by being independently certified through third-party organizations. 

According to them, when MOYU first entered their radar, "it was a no-brainer". They immediately saw their core values reflected in MOYU and the opportunity to use stone paper notebooks to improve the environmental standards of the Volvo Group on a global scale. 

MOYU’s erasable notebooks are excellent innovative lifestyle accessories that align with the Volvo values of Safety, Environmental Care, and Quality.

A revolutionary way to minimize paper waste

Volvo saw our stone paper notebooks as a perfect way to organize thoughts on paper. They decided to customize the notebook covers with the Volvo logo on the front cover and the brand story on the inside. They even took it one step further and branded the pen and wiping cloth that goes along with the notebook.

The notebooks are available for purchase on the Volvo Merchandise shop.

Lars Minell
Senior Purchaser at Volvo Merchandise

"It's been a joy developing the Volvo Stone paper notebook. Communication was key in this process, and the MOYU team has delivered on all levels. Their expertise in materials and production has made it easy for us to make the right decisions quickly during the development. It's a great addition to our product portfolio!"

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