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Written by:
Paul Sintnicolaas
Published on:
August 19, 2023
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Something to think about

Soaply makes washing and cleaning products from the best natural ingredients. They claim that more than 99% of their ingredients are of natural origin, and they are committed to searching for more renewable ingredients to benefit local communities without harming the planet. Their products consume less energy in the making and are easier to filter out of wastewater. They are taking a step towards a cleaner and brighter world.

Soaply: for a cleaner and brighter world.

A role model in the soap industry

Soaply loves to practice what they preach. They are genuinely concerned about the use of fossil raw materials coming to an end, so they are naturally moving towards a paperless office. The personalized MOYUs were a gift for all employees and new team members as a reminder to always make the green choice in every aspect of their lives. And from what we hear, the Soapies (as they like to call each other) are loving it. 

The beauty of double meaning

At Soaply, they love everything with a double meaning. For them, MOYUs are fitting on two levels. They are a message to be mindful of single-use paper. And, at the same time, a product that connects with their own tagline: ‘Grondstof tot Nadenken'. Which roughly translated means: 'raw materials to get you thinking' or 'raw materials to fuel your thoughts'. 

On our side, it was a pleasure to work with a company with a strong brand that knows what they want and why they want it. They loved our flexibility. We loved their proactivity. And we are both proud of the result.

Recruitment hero at Seepje

"MOYU gave us maximum flexibility to design the books exactly the way we imagined them. It’s such a great fit with our mission and our product. We could not be more happy with the results."

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