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Meet Jack

Written by:
Maja Grcic
Published on:
August 20, 2023
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Fruit for meat lovers

Plant-based cuisine is on the rise. Yet, chefs struggle to find allergen-free ingredients with just the right taste and texture to re-create all-time favorite meat dishes. And that's where Jack steps in! 

Jack is a young, unripe jackfruit: a perfect meat replacement with a neutral taste, meaty texture, and zero allergens. Chefs who mix fresh-frozen jackfruit with the right spices have the power to fool meat lovers into thinking they are eating meat.

The best part, while inspiring meat lovers to eat less meat, we are creating a higher demand for jackfruit outside the local markets where the fruit is considered a waste crop and leads to unnecessary cutting of the trees.

All-time favorite meat dishes made with jackfruit
Young, unripe jackfruit on a mission to conquer the hearts of meat lovers

The ultimate Christmas gift made to last

As the end of the year was approaching and we were planning to visit our farmers in Thailand and Sri Lanka in the new year, we were thinking about a Christmas gift for our employees and partners, while at the same time a nice present we could have in stock for the upcoming trip. 

It would need to be a sustainable present that honors our mission. That much was clear. But we also wanted something people would love to use on a daily basis. We received many sustainable goodies as presents over the years, but most were either eatable or not very practical. In both cases, they did not leave a lasting impression. 

At that time, an ad from MOYU caught our eye. We saw it as a sign from the universe: a beautifully crafted stone notebook you can personalize and designed to last through the ages. We were sold before we ordered. 

The beauty is that the more people eat jackfruit, the more trees will be saved.

Eat jackfruit, save trees

From the moment we got in touch with MOYU, the founder himself made sure we got all our questions answered. And we had quite a bit of them. For a relatively small order, he treated us as his biggest client. And he gave us design flexibility beyond MOYU's standard recommendations. 

We are kind of a stubborn bunch who religiously look after Jack's tone of voice and visual style. So, naturally, we wanted to customize the books inside out. 

The end result was breathtaking, if we may say so ourselves. Three years have passed, and we still use the notebooks every day. They have traveled distances and have some dents, but they work as good as new. 

Why did we choose MOYU? Maybe the story we placed on the inner cover will answer that question:

Eat Jackfruit, Save Trees

Once upon a time, in the jungles of Asia, a young unripe jackfruit dreamt of becoming a food star. He grew faster than people could eat him, which labeled him a waste crop.

Farmers cut down his trees for wood, but a rumor that Europeans struggle to eat less meat changed that. Jack found a purpose and set out on a mission: to conquer the hearts of meat lovers around the world. 

Today, his mantra is simple:
Eat Jackfruit, Save Trees.
Meet Jack's erasable stone paper notebooks
Marjolein Pleune
Co-founder of Meet Jack

“MOYUs are such a great gift. There are many sustainable products we could have chosen, but not many that look this great and are this practical that people would want to use on a daily basis. Add brilliant design to it and you have a gift that leaves a lasting impression. We love it!”

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