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Leonora Hein
Published on:
May 28, 2024
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Connecting people’s potential to business impact

Lepaya is a people’s development company that empowers enterprise organizations to train their employees at every career level, anywhere and at scale. The result? Happier, more resilient and productive teams. Lepaya believes that learning should always have a positive impact on the business, people and overall - society.

Impact is the force that transforms businesses, and Lepaya makes sure their learners continue to apply the skills they develop in real life. Their learning approach is unique. In their words: "That's why a unique notebook like MOYU suits us perfectly."

Erasable stone paper notebooks are perfect to make mistakes while learning!

A good, sustainable mission meets a lasting present

Lepaya is a company dedicated to decarbonization. They want to be pioneers in shaping a better world and building enduring enterprises. That is why they wanted to give employees something practical and sustainable as an end-of-the-year gift. A gift they would continue to use and would not end up in the trash the next day. For that reason, they chose  MOYU: clear mission, sustainable story, and notebooks that our employees will keep using for years to come. 

They came back for more!

They must have been very happy with their erasable notebooks since they have already placed a second order! They felt good about gifting something that was not only a cool surprise but also something people would use in their day-to-day lives. Truly a sustainable gift that makes their employees enjoy, and as they say at Lepaya: "Happy employees ignite businesses."

Micha Granaada
Office Manager at Lepaya

“The cooperation was great, swift responses, with good expectation management. And we must be very happy with the notebooks as we already ordered another batch!”

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