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Maja Grcic
Published on:
March 20, 2024
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Power of storytelling to amplify the good

BrightVibes is on a mission: to amplify the good through contagiously inspiring stories that make the world a happier, sustainable, and social place. 

It all started with a concern for how are 'eating up' the world way faster than it can regenerate itself and that some eat way too much and many have crumbs. The concern triggered a question: "How could we use positive storytelling to create positive change?"

Today, BrightVibes has harnessed the magic of storytelling and video skills to help individuals, brands, and organizations tell their stories to inspire action and positive change.

If you have a story worth sharing but need help, call the BrightVibes team!

Amplifying the good through contagiously inspiring stories.

Notebooks as a business gift

Michiel and his team work with many, many people and they occasionally feel the urge to surprise them with a little gift. Naturally, each gift that they choose needs to have a vibe and story of its own.

In 2022, our paths crossed when Roel and Michiel met for the first time. BrightVibes was charmed by MOYU’s mission enough to create a beautiful video story about our erasable notebooks

Business friendship was born, and a year later, when the time came to surprise their partners again, BrightVibes chose personalized stone paper notebooks.

Notebook covers that inspire beautiful stories

We always offer our clients help with designing, but in this case, BrightVibes had their creative guru, Joffrey Hooijer, eager to unleash his creativity on the stone paper canvas. 

The BrightVibes notebook is an ode to many stories told. The bright cover is a reminder of what they are here to do - amplify the good. Flip it open, and you will see many of the faces they've helped share inspiring stories with the world. They hope that the notebooks trigger people to start writing their own stories. 

PS. Funny story. Two weeks after producing them, Florent, a mutual friend and business partner, came to our office to share his story about Smlin Collective. The first thing he happily announced with us was that he got a BrightVibes MOYU as a gift.

Michiel de Gooijer
Founder at BrightVibes

“To be honest, we’d never heard of ‘stone paper’, but now we have our MOYU notebooks, and we love it! We write as many handwritten notes as we want with a clear conscience, and they’re also a gift that reminds people of BrightVibes daily.”

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