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It’s the real deal. Feel-good, do-good notebooks to hack away at single-use paper and reforest the planet.
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Erasable stone paper notebooks

Reusable notebooks

Rewritable up to 500 times

Authentic writing experience

Rated by customers with a 9.2


Each MOYU sold plants 1 tree

MOYU in the founders' words

"It's time to hack away at single-use paper and reforest the planet!"

Stone cold facts about the paper industry 

CO2 emissions, infertile soil, shrinking biodiversity, and the collapse of local and global ecosystems are all linked to deforestation.

Tree-pulp paper is hard to justify
7% of the world’s yearly CO2 emissions.
#3 industrial polluter, 3x more than the airline industry.
25x more toxic methane gas than CO2.
17% of all trees cut are used to make pulp paper.

Stone beats paper

Did you know that stone paper outperforms tree pulp paper on every level? It provides a great writing experience on sheets of paper that are stronger, friendlier, and much more durable. It truly is a blast from the past.
You can write & wipe the pages.
The notebooks have been known to survive the stormiest weather conditions.
Tear resistant
Clumsy proof paper, aka you’ll need scissors to tear the pages on purpose.
Uses no water or bleach.
Smooth writing
Real pen & paper writing experience
100% recyclable
It can be recycled over & over again.
You can write & wipe the pages.
The notebooks have been known to survive the stormiest weather conditions.
Tear resistant
Clumsy proof paper, aka you’ll need scissors to tear the pages on purpose.
You can write & wipe the pages.
The notebooks have been known to survive the stormiest weather conditions.
Tear resistant
Clumsy proof paper, aka you’ll need scissors to tear the pages on purpose.
You can write & wipe the pages.
The notebooks have been known to survive the stormiest weather conditions.
Tear resistant
Clumsy proof paper, aka you’ll need scissors to tear the pages on purpose.
Uses no water or bleach.
Smooth writing
Real pen & paper writing experience
100% recyclable
It can be recycled over & over again.
Uses no water or bleach.
Smooth writing
Real pen & paper writing experience
100% recyclable
It can be recycled over & over again.
Uses no water or bleach.
Smooth writing
Real pen & paper writing experience
100% recyclable
It can be recycled over & over again.

We reimagined everyday notebooks using stone paper

It’s like a small engineering miracle. You could say it’s 10.000 pages in a tiny mini notebook made from a tree-free alternative to regular paper.

Extended MOYU product line

Pens & Markers
Office tools

Personalized MOYU's

The perfect business gift for companies with a soft spot for sustainability. 700+ companies are already using stone paper, with an average rating of 9.2 from 1.700 reviews.

Time to stand up against deforestation!

Replacing tree-based paper with stone paper is a start. We decided to take it one step further and plant one tree for every notebook we sell.

MOYUs working their magic!

For every notebook sold, we plant one tree and save valuable resources.

Mention worthy awards

KVK innovation top 100
Winner European Sustainability Award
Product of the month

Why invest in MOYU?

Exciting growth phase
We reached €1.000.000 a year milestone in the Benelux and are now entering the French & German markets.
Sustainable business
You’re stepping right into sustainability action, backing MOYU’s ambition to reforest the planet.
Challenging the paper industry
Paper is a top-3 industrial polluter in the world and MOYU aims to be one of the leading brands for change.
Market opportunity
The paper market is forecasted to grow €16 Billion (12%) by 2025, while a legal restriction against products contributing to deforestation is on the way.
Eco-friendly products
Stone paper has a Life Cycle Assessment of 6.3% compared to regular paper. And it’s 100% recyclable.
Yearly dividends
When we make a profit, an amount will be paid to shareholders based on what is wise from a business perspective.

Revenue forecast

We expect to grow at a rate of around 100% in the coming years.
Each year you will receive financial dividends based on the profit and what is wise from a business perspective.

MOYU has a valuation of €9.9 M
We are opening our first ever sharefunding round at a price of 1 Euro = 1 Share.

Management team

Product & Impact

Roel Schatorjé (32) is a business concept developer with 8+ years of experience in finance. He is our impact guy, figuring out the best products to grow the business and stay on mission to fight deforestation.

Sales & Partnerships

Paul Sintnicolaas (29) is a serial entrepreneur in the making with 8+ years of experience founding startups. He is our head of growth, leading our outbound sales efforts and converting business and retail clients.

Brand & Marketing

Maja Grcic (41) is a branding specialist with 10+ years of experience in communication strategy. She is our brand guardian, leading our brand development and the team’s outbound marketing efforts.

Operations & Team

Ángel Figueroa Mayordomo (39) is an ex-tech startup founder with 10+ years of experience in business innovation & transformation. He is our operations guru, keeping our tech and business processes lean and mean.

We are looking for a €350.000 investment to finance growth in 2023

€150k for production
We will pre-finance our new notebook collections to have the stock to fulfill the expected increase in sales.
€100k for rebranding
We will work with an agency to revamp our brand and focus on implementing conversion-driven webshop improvements.
€60k for expertise
We will expand our team with senior marketers to increase engagement across our digital channels.
€40k for debts
We will use part of the funding money to repay a part of our current debt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You just might find an answer in here!
About MOYU
Why is MOYU initiating the sharefunding?
MOYU's mission to globally reduce paper waste is beyond MOYU or us as entrepreneurs. To change in the paper industry, we have to change together. We chose to sell a portion of our shares to make more people owners of MOYU.
Securing financing through shareholders, we can grow without incurring additional debts and the associated interest and repayment obligations. We will use the raised capital for production, team expansion, and marketing for international sales.
We believe that, together with our shareholders, we can engage more people in our mission and attract more ambassadors to share our story.
Why did MOYU lose money in 2022?
MOYU is in that always difficult stage of transitioning from a startup to a scale-up. We needed to invest in standardising and digitalising our operations before being able to sustain rapid growth.
We invested quite a significant amount of both time and money to launch our new website and set up our financial systems. Unfortunately, we encountered issues, which ultimately resulted in a delay of six months before everything was running smoothly.
On top of that, we also made a considerate investment in expanding into international markets. It's an investment that does not provide immediate financial returns since building brand awareness and establishing relationships takes time.
What will you do differently in 2023? 
Since the beginning of the year, we have started to reap the benefits of what we invested in 2022. We are on track to doubling our revenue and practically tripled the number of business inquiries compared to 2022.
We decided to focus on building a more senior team rather than expanding the size of our team. We also accounted for macroeconomic conditions and increasing costs within our new pricing strategy, allowing us to achieve better margins.
At the same time, we plan to invest heavily in the international markets since we see large growth potential in the new countries. As a result, we anticipate relatively higher HR and marketing costs.
On what do you base a €9.9M valuation? 
We based the valuation on having a strong senior team, a streamlined production process, a 9.2 rating from thousands of reviews, and an online and offline presence in seven different markets. This combined with our solid growth in recent years, makes us confident of the growth projection we made.
Additionally, we used external software to get a valuation based on our historical data and widely used forecasting models. We got an insight into our future value based on our expected future cash flows and other variables, such as the sale prices of comparable businesses.
What is the value of one certificate, and how was it determined?
For this ECO round we decided that 1 share, or Eyecon, in MOYU Coöperatie U.A. is worth €1.
We set the value based on the valuation of MOYU derived from the Equidam report, which you will have access to in the finance tab when we open the sharefunding round.
The final share valuation is an average of five different valuation techniques. These techniques use historical figures, forecasts, balance ratios, market expectations, benchmarks, and other factors to calculate a company's valuation.
Everything about sharefunding
What exactly am I buying?
During the sharefunding round, you can purchase certificates in MOYU Coöperatie U.A. These certificates automatically make you a co-owner of MOYU.
You can become a co-owner of MOYU starting from €250. One Eyecon represents one certificate. With this certificate, you become a shareholder with economic and/or legal rights. Which depends on the membership type you fall under.
With economic rights, you are entitled to receiving a portion of the profits, also known as dividends. The amount you receive is specified in the shareholder meeting minutes. You also have the right to profit from the increase in share value.
What is the return on investment?
As MOYU grows, the value of your investment will grow with it. All the money raised by MOYU through this sharefuning round will be invested back into the company for further growth. There are two ways to generate a return: an increase in share value and dividend payments.
Though we cannot guarantee an exact level of return, we will likely make MOYU more valuable in the coming years. Investing in this early stage means you will become a shareholder in a company at the beginning of its growth spur!
As the company grows in value, it will directly impact the revenue. And that will increase the value of your certificates. We will base the dividend payout on each year's official financial statements. You will receive the payment of the dividends at the end of the following fiscal year.
Each year, the Board will decide whether to distribute the profit as dividends or reinvest it in the company. Estimating the expected dividend yield for the upcoming years is challenging since we are just embarking on this exciting growth journey together.
What are the costs of investing in MOYU Coöperatie U.A.?
For you as an investor, there are no costs associated with purchasing shares of MOYU Coöperatie U.A.
The Eyevestor platform charges a transaction fee of 2.5%, with a minimum of €1 and a maximum of €1,250 per transaction, to the seller. Which for this sharefunding round is MOYU.
If you decide to sell your shares through the secondary market (marketplace), which opens after 2 years, you, as the selling party, will bear the 2.5% transaction fee. Eyevestor always charges the seller and not the buyer.
Taxes, liabilities, and legal obligations
What about the tax authorities?
The value of the certificates falls under Box 3 (wealth tax) for taxation purposes. Box 3 has a tax-free threshold of up to €57,000 in 2023 (€114,000 if you have a fiscal partner). You don't have to pay taxes on this amount.
If the value of the shares exceeds the tax-free threshold, you will be required to pay taxes on it. The tax rate is 30% on the average return. The exact average return depends on the tax bracket in which your wealth falls (only the portion that exceeds the tax-free threshold is taxed). You can find more information about this on the tax authority's website.
If you own more than 5% of the shares, you have a substantial interest in MOYU Coöperatie U.A. If this interest classifies under Box 2, then it will be taxed at a 26.25% taxation rate. Your tax advisor, tax consultant, or the tax authority's website can provide more details. In case you own 5% or more as a BV (company), a dividend exemption applies.
What if I want to sell my shares?
You can sell your certificates 24 months after the first sharefunding round closes. Until then, there will be a time lock on your share certificates which prevents the sale.
After 24 months, you can sell your certificates in Eyeventure's marketplace hosted on the Eyevestor platform. In this marketplace, you can both sell and buy shares.
As a seller, you can determine the selling price of your certificates. However, this price depends on the spread decided by the cooperative. This spread is a certain percentage above or below the market value of the last ECO round. This spread is in place to protect investors against the sudden dumping of shares at unreasonably low prices.
For example, in the last ECO round the shares were sold at €10. A few months later, when the marketplace opens, the board decides on a spread of 20%. Investors can then offer their certificates within the range of €8 to €12 in the marketplace.
It's important to note that the actual process and specific details of selling shares may be subject to the terms and conditions set by the cooperative and the Eyevestor platform. It's advisable to refer to the platform's guidelines or seek assistance from the platform's support team for precise instructions on how to sell your shares.
What about liability?
When you invest in MOYU, as an investor, you are not personally liable. When you invest, you are purchasing certificates of MOYU Coöperatie U.A. The "U.A." (Uitgesloten Aansprakelijkheid) designation explicitly excludes you from liability.
Only the MOYU Board can be held administratively liable in cases such as bankruptcy. Shareholders, therefore, cannot be held liable.
It's important to note that the specific terms and conditions regarding liability may be outlined in the cooperative's governing documents and applicable laws. It's advisable to consult these documents or seek legal advice for a comprehensive understanding of the liability implications associated with your investment.
Where can I find more information about the expected figures, such as revenue, expenses, profit, and return on investment?
You can find this information in the Financials tab on the Eyevestor platform. You will get access to it once the sharefunding round opens.
How does the administration work for individuals or legal entities?
The Eyevestor platform has the option to generate an export of your transactions (investments) at any time of the day.
On January 1st of the new year, you can export a yearly overview from Eyevestor. This overview clearly shows the number of Eyecons you hold in a company and their corresponding value. You can use this information for your own administration or tax filing purposes.
If you have further questions regarding your administration, contact us at We would be happy to assist you.
Does the sharefunding round fall under Dutch law?
Yes. MOYU Coöperatie U.A. is a Dutch entity established and notarized under Dutch law.
MOYU's sharefunding round will be registered at the AFM (Autoriteit Financiële Markten), the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets. The documents will be on MOYU's Eyevestor environment, where you can download them before making an investment.
Currently, sharefunding is not yet subject to AFM supervision. Below is the statement from Eyevestor. For more information, we kindly refer you to the Eyevestor FAQ.
"We consider it of utmost importance to provide a fully legal platform. We are in good contact with the AFM. Currently, Eyevestor is not subject to specific supervision by the AFM simply because Eyevestor does not engage in activities that require supervision or licensing. At the same time, Eyevestor has been designed and built as an ecosystem to operate in accordance with AFM guidelines, and if that is not the case, appropriate action can be taken. We refer to our 'Terms and Conditions' for further details.”
What happens to my money after I invest?
The raised capital will be invested in expanding the company so that MOYU can continue to develop and reach its growth goals.
Your investment will directly benefit MOYU Coöperatie U.A. and will not be paid out to the current shareholders. The money will be distributed between scaling production (43%), marketing campaigns (29%), team expansion (17%), and loan repayment (11%).
Is an investment in MOYU safe?
Investing in a company is never without risk. Typically, there is relatively low liquidity in rapidly growing scale-up companies.
Additionally, the market volume is generally smaller, with fewer buyers and sellers when compared to publicly traded companies. It can result in longer transaction times for buying or selling shares than, for example, investing in stocks.
However, through the Eyevestor marketplace, you still have the opportunity to trade your shares after the 24-month time lock.
Will there be additional sharefunding rounds in the future?
We have expressed this intention and it is included in the opening minutes. The expectation is that there will be a second sharefunding round in 2024 with a financing need that is approximately comparable to the current one.
What do I do if my question is not there?
For any questions, you can always email us at We will assist you as soon as possible.