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A personalised stone paper notebook for your company

Each page is rewritable up to 500 times

5 reasons for choosing MOYU for your company

1. Business gift

A personalised and erasable MOYU notebook is an inspiring and unique gift for all your business relations. Give your colleagues, clients and partners years of writing joy with a sustainable notebook!

2. Positive impact

MOYU fights the polluting paper industry by producing reusable stationery items made of stone paper. Unlike pulp paper, stone paper is tree-free, 100% circular and each page can be rewritten up to 500 times. We also restore nature by planting one tree per notebook sold, in collaboration with our partner Trees For Kenya. We quantify your positive environmental impact with a certificate.

3. A personal touch

Because of the many personalisation options, a MOYU notebook is an effective and personal communication tool. Hand out a unique product –with your logo, mission and vision in it – at events, conferences or in a goodie bag. Our notebooks are available in several sizes and with different types of covers.

4. Fun & productivity

MOYU notebooks are loved and actually used by customers on a regular basis. MOYU’s stone paper offers a smooth writing experience and does not stain. You can use the same notebook for years, which helps declutter your desk and creates more structure and overview.

5. Investment

Last but not least: money. A MOYU notebook replaces at least 15 normal notebooks. It is an investment in quality and durability and we make it totally worth it. Planet Earth thanks you!

These companies work with us

The paper industry is one of the biggest drivers of massive deforestation. We believe in a world without deforestation, because we need trees for healthy and liveable ecosystems. That's why we switched to stone paper.

Contact Paul!

Are you looking for a personalised business gift, the coolest onboarding gift for new employees or do you want your company to become paperless and save costs?

Phone: +31 6 34 22 17 10

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World Wide Fund

"We are happy about the cooperation with MOYU and the fact that we can offer a good alternative to ordinary paper. It would be fantastic if in the future there was no need for paper at all for notebooks and if deforestation was significantly reduced. Innovative solutions like this make a difference. "

Together we planted 765 trees!


"MOYU has enabled us to switch away from paper notebooks to a more sustainable alternative - stone paper. It also gives an extra touch to the employee experience at Bloomon."

Together we planted 250 trees!

Ahold Delhaize

"When brainstorming about meaningful (and sustainable) gifts to offer our colleagues for the annual sustainability event we were organizing, the MOYU notebooks were our no. 1 choice. And we were beyond happy with them, as well as with the collaboration with the MOYU team – excellent customer service for sure. MOYU is a true disruptor on the market and we’re glad to be able to support their mission!"

Together we planted 50 trees!


"We love our MOYU notebooks! Such a great, innovative idea and a brilliant way to reduce the amount of waste created in your workplace. "

Together we planted 50 trees!

Station F

"The MOYU notebooks are very useful and enjoyable to use by STATION F entrepreneurs. The attached pen and the ability to erase what has been written, makes it easy to rework ideas or notes in a brainstorming session."

Together we planted 100 trees!


"The MOYU notebooks fit our business objectives and inspire my colleagues every day to be just a little bit more sustainable!"

Together we planted 250 trees!


"By switching to MOYU stone paper notebooks, this has enabled us to introduce all our business relations to a sustainable alternative. We are also pleased with the professionalism and quality of the MOYU customised gift."

Together we saved water for 337 showers


"All our staff have MOYU notebooks and they are very satisfied with their functionality. As a result, we use fewer paper notebooks. As a gift, MOYU notebooks allow us to promote our sustainable brand image, because the notebooks stay with our customers for years! "

Together we worked towards reducing deforestation

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Ready for a change?

Great. Then let’s work together!

1. Get in touch

Chat with us at the bottom right of the screen or call Paul directly on +31 06-34221710.

2. Design your notebook

Our designer will be happy to help you or you can also design it yourself!

3. Ready, set, go!

After approval, we start production, which often takes about 1 week.

4. Showtime

We ship the notebooks with physical impact certificate to you (or your customers).

Plenty of options!

We like to work with companies that want to make an impact, just like us.

Our notebooks are:

→ Fully customizable
→ Ideal as an inspiring means of communication
→ Can be used as a business, end-of-year or welcome gift

And you save a lot of paper: our notebooks can be rewritten at least 500 times. You also save a lot of money, because MOYU notebooks last for years.

For more information about our business options, please visit our business page or email 📧.

From 25, 50 and 100 pieces, you can personalise our products in full colour, and with your logo. Our designer will be happy to help you or you can also design it yourself.

It's a product that lasts every day for a number of years, so your notebook is a perfect means of communication.

A notebook always comes with a pen holder, a cleaning cloth and a MOYU pen with Frixion ink. This pen is needed to maintain the erasable effect, since the ink in ordinary pens is not erasable. No worries if you run out of ink - you can order more ink refills here.

The higher the number, the more discount we can offer on the rate in the webshop. The discount starts at 10% and goes up to 45%

Our notebooks are high quality and last for years.

Depending on the type of product and depending on the numbers, you can expect to pay between €7 and €20 per item for a personalised A5 notebook including pen, cloth and pen loop.

We make sure you get the most out of your sustainable notebook by providing an impact certificate, and excellent writing & customer experience.

Yes! We can offer a 5% discount on the entire rate for re-orders from the same company. That's how we make a positive impact together.

Our special MOYU pens – filled with the original Frixion ink – are necessary to erase the text flawlessly. The pens are refillable with new refills. If the pen refill is used up, pens or refills can be ordered cheaply. We also offer various colors, such as blue and red. We can make favorable arrangements for regularly recurring (business) orders for pens or refills.

For any address in the Netherlands we charge a fee of €19.95 excl. VAT for the total shipment.

Outside the Netherlands, we charge €39,95 excl. VAT.

Contact us to discuss more rates and discounts.

Producing, transporting and recycling pulp paper is a very intensive process. It takes a lot of water, CO2, energy and trees. In addition, huge numbers of trees are being felled for the paper industry, leading to degraded and infertile soils, devastated habitats for humans and animals, warming up of the area, desertification, climate change and a decline in biodiversity.

Stone paper is currently the most sustainable solution for regular pulp paper. No trees, water or chemicals are used and because the paper is rewritable, it will last for years.

Compare the production of a ton of stone paper with the production of a ton of regular pulp paper:

• 18 trees saved → oxygen for 40 people for a whole year

• 949 kg less CO2 emissions → 4,250 km by car, e.g. from Amsterdam to Jerusalem

• 2,770 liters of water saved → more than 4 years of drinking water for 1 person

• 17.1 Gigajoules less energy consumed → 1.5 years of energy for an entire household

• 0 harmful chemicals needed → normally used to kill microbes and whiten paper

Due to the properties of the stone paper in combination with our special pen, each page is erasable up to 500 times.* It is therefore not only a more sustainable, but also cheaper alternative, because you only need one notebook instead of several.

* Ink from regular pens is not erasable.


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