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Een gepersonaliseerd notitieboek van steenpapier

Elke pagina meer dan 500 keer herschrijfbaar


MOYU is op een missie om van steenpapier de wereldwijde norm te maken. Zonder op schrijfervaring in te leveren, creëren we lokale producten waarvan elke pagina minimaal 500x herschrijfbaar is. Ook planten we een boom per aangeschaft product met de lokale community Trees for Kenya.

Dus ben je op zoek naar een gepersonaliseerd relatiegeschenk, het tofste onboarding cadeau voor de nieuwe werknemer of wil je je bedrijf paperless inrichten en kosten besparen?

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Will you write with us into the future?

The paper industry is 3 times as polluting as the total aviation industry. And every minute, 30 to 40 football fields of forest are cleared. Nevertheless, writing on pulp paper remains the most common thing in the world, while sustainable and more recyclable alternatives are already available. Stone paper is such a sustainable alternative, that offers endless possibilities!

Sustainably produced. Stone paper is naturally tree-free and saves 98% CO2 emissions compared to pulp paper production.

Erasable and rewritable. The ink is erasable over 500 times and the pages can be rewritten just as often.

Multifunctional properties. Stone paper is water-repellent, tear-resistant and gives a wonderfully smooth writing experience!

Cradle-to-Cradle recyclable. No new raw materials are needed for recycling. And: for every notebook sold, we plant a tree, together with Trees For Kenya!

Why Jopp chose paperless

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Ready for a change?

Great. Then we would very much love to work with you! We can personalize our erasable notebooks for you in full color, starting from 25 pieces. Do you have a limited budget available? Would you like to receive the notebooks as soon as possible? Or are you looking for an original business or Christmas gift? It's all possible!

  • 1. Get in touch

    Chat with us at the bottom right of the screen or call Paul directly on 06-34221710.

  • 2. Choose your design

    Submit the design using our formats, or let us create your design.

  • 3. Do you agree?

    We only get to work when you and your team are completely satisfied with the design.

  • 4. The start of the production

    We can deliver to you from as little as five working days. That way you never have to wait long!

  • 5. Ready to ship

    The notebooks are sent to you, your customers or colleagues. Enjoy the write :-)

  • 6. Sustainability certificate

    Receive your physical certificate with the achieved impact of your company (showing off is allowed!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Producing, transporting and recycling pulp paper is a very intensive process. It takes a lot of water, CO2, energy and trees. In addition, paper can only be recycled for a maximum of 7 times. Besides, fresh wood pulp is always needed to recycle paper.

In addition, huge numbers of trees are being felled for the paper industry, leading to degraded and infertile soils, devastated habitats for humans and animals, warming up of the area, desertification, climate change and a decline in biodiversity.

Stone paper is currently the most sustainable solution for regular pulp paper. No trees, water or chemicals are used and because the paper is rewritable, it will last for years.

Compare the production of a ton of stone paper with the production of a ton of regular pulp paper:

• 18 trees saved → oxygen for 40 people for a whole year

• 949 kg less CO2 emissions → 4,250 km by car, e.g. from Amsterdam to Jerusalem

• 2,770 liters of water saved → more than 4 years of drinking water for 1 person

• 17.1 Gigajoules less energy consumed → 1.5 years of energy for an entire household

• 0 harmful chemicals needed → normally used to kill microbes and whiten paper

Due to the properties of the stone paper in combination with our special pen, each page is erasable up to 500 times.* It is therefore not only a more sustainable, but also cheaper alternative, because you only need one notebook instead of several.

* Ink from regular pens is not erasable.

Plenty of options!

We like to work with companies that want to make an impact, just like us.

Our notebooks are:

→ Fully customizable
→ Ideal as an inspiring means of communication
→ Can be used as a business, end-of-year or welcome gift

And you save a lot of paper: our notebooks can be rewritten at least 500 times. You also save a lot of money, because MOYU notebooks last for years.

For more information about our business options, please visit our business page or email 📧.

We are working hard to offer our products in concept stores & stores. Via the Retail Page you can see where you can find us.

Are you or do you know a retailer who finds our products interesting? Check out our Retail Page or email us at


Cool! We like that.

We are always open to collaborations. Our only real condition is that we both have the same goal in mind: to make a positive impact.

So whether you are an influencer, running a start-up, running a successful business, teaching at a school or doing something else ... We love to work with you! 👐

After all, together we make a bigger and better impact. Send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, this is possible from 20 pieces for the ring binder version and from 100 pieces for the bound version. Depending on the type of notebook, you can personalize a minimum of 4 pages for a small additional cost (€0 - €5 per booklet). This way you can implement your own branding and house style.

That's all up to you! We have formats that you can use for any type of product, but we can also design the notebook for you for a fixed fee of €150 excl. VAT.

The higher the number, the more discount we can offer on the rate in the webshop. The discount starts at 10% and goes up to 45%

Investing in quality is expensive. But investing in the short term is expensive.

Due to the high quality of stone paper, the writing and erasing experience is not only better, the production is also more durable and the product lasts many years longer. We even see a 75% cost saving after using the notebooks for several years, because 1 MOYU notebook replaces an average of 15 pulp paper notebooks.

Not convinced yet? Then request a sample!

Our special MOYU pens – filled with the original Frixion ink – are necessary to erase the text flawlessly. The pens are refillable with new refills. If the pen refill is used up, pens or refills can be ordered cheaply. We also offer various colors, such as blue and red. We can make favorable arrangements for regularly recurring (business) orders for pens or refills.

Of course! We have the option to ship all products from our logistics center to any desired address within Europe. We will of course need all the addresses for that. We will (obviously) handle this carefully

For any address in the Netherlands we charge a fee of €19.95 excl. VAT for the total shipment. If you would like to have the notebooks sent individually to multiple addresses in the Netherlands, then €4.95 excl. VAT per address will be charged. We discuss the rates for sending packages abroad.

That's how we like it! We can offer a 5% discount on the entire rate for multiple orders from the same company or organization.

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