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January 25, 2024
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Have you ever wondered about the invisible dynamics that shape the paper industry? What if there is a transformative force rewriting the narrative? Join us as we open the curtain on the Stone Paper Alliance, exposing the secrets of the industry and paving the way for an innovative revolution.

The Problem

Welcome to the Stone Paper Alliance! Here you'll discover the dynamic backstory and ambitious plans behind our mission to revolutionize the paper industry. Think about it: an alliance committed to creating a world of ecological and circular paper, advocating tree-free and water-reduced paper options. The urgency has never been more obvious!

The impact of the paper industry is massive, ranking #3 in terms of CO2 emissions. As if that was not enough, the prices of traditional pulp paper are rising significantly, driven by the rising costs of raw materials - trees, water, chemicals and energy. But fear not, we have a catalyst for change in our hands: stone paper! It's not just an alternative; it's the best alternative, with a lower environmental impact and competitive prices on a larger scale. We dare to say it is the key to a sustainable future.

Immerse yourself in this document, where we unlock the secrets of the paper industry, introduce you to the benefits of stone paper and present our visionary plans. Your signature on this document is not just a formality - it's a commitment to support a sustainable future.

Our mission? To reforest the planet!

The Dream

“Nature and its biodiversity form the basis for a happy life for both humans and the planet. We can probably find a solution to live in a world without nature, but is that a world we want to live in?”

This quote resonated with us because the connection with nature (both physical and spiritual) is the foundation for a happy life. The decline in biodiversity and the extinction of animal and plant species literally hurts, and by making the paper industry more sustainable, we can take a significant step in addressing this.

Since the current paper industry has a very large negative impact on the above, our dream is to create a circular paper industry where Stone Paper becomes the standard for graphic paper and packaging. This way, we won't need to use nature and other scarce resources like water, and we can create an industry based on common or waste-generated streams that are fully circular.

The Current Paper Industry

The paper industry is one of the biggest consumers of trees and a driver of deforestation (13-15% of global deforestation). In addition to trees being the main raw material, the papermaking process is highly polluting, consuming, for example, 2 to 13 liters of water per sheet of A4 paper, in addition to the energy and chemicals used.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

Here are a few jaw-dropping facts:

  • 93% of paper comes from trees.
  • 50% of office waste consists of paper.
  • Packaging makes up ⅓ of our waste.
  • All offices in the U.S. together consume 12.1 trillion sheets of paper per year.
  • 26% of the waste stream consists of paper.
  • Despite expectations that digitalization would reduce paper consumption, it is actually increasing and is expected to double by 2030.

Essentially, the paper industry is an ever-expanding colossus that consumes precious resources and leaves a trail of pollution in its wake. It's a saga that is far from over...

The demand for regular paper is still on the rise

A Green Paper Industry

But let's look at things from another angle and meet the hero of sustainable paper - Stone Paper! We're not just talking about change; we're talking about a revolution in three key areas to make the paper industry greener:

  • Revolutionize raw materials
    Say goodbye to traditional sources - let's use waste or renewable materials for paper and board.
  • Quality over quantity
    High-quality paper and cardboard means longer use and more efficient recycling - a win-win situation!
  • Recycling Reinvented
    Better organization means recycling paper more efficiently and using fewer resources.

The Best Alternative: Stone Paper

Produced in Taiwan, this rock star is made of 80% calcium carbonate (stone) and 20% HDPE (plastic). And why is it stealing the spotlight?

Tough and tear-proof
Stone Paper is a warrior - water-resistant, tear-resistant and built to last.

Ecological saver
Replacing 1000 kg of pulp paper with 1000 kg of stone paper results in savings of:

  • 18 trees
  • 2,770 liters of water
  • 949 kg of CO2 (67% less)
  • 17.3 GJ of energy (85% less)

Moreover, in theory, stone paper is better recyclable because it does not contain fibres, preventing fibre shortening, and there is no need for fresh pulp in the recycling process. The current stone paper from Taiwan has a cradle-to-cradle certificate.

This is not just a solution; it's a revolution against the polluting pulp paper industry, and here's why it deserves a standing ovation:

Stone Paper is 80% made from waste streams.

Sustainable USP (Unique Selling Proposition) = circular compared to paper and plastics.

Challenge = Develop an alternative for the technical processing of recycled or bio HDPE, making it 100% circular. This requires product development and research.

Stone Paper is easily scalable at the local level.

Sustainable USP: independent, flexible, and durable.

Challenge = initial factory investment and sufficient market demand.

The Stone Paper market is still relatively small.

Sustainable USP = unique and innovative concept (new to everyone).

Challenge = large-scale market introduction and pricing.

Ink it. Wipe it. Our stone paper is also rewritable up to 500 times

Stone Paper is fully recyclable.

Unique USP = improved performance compared to paper.

Challenge = setting up collection and recycling without a factory, temporarily applying it in alternative chains.

Stone Paper consumes no water.

Sustainable USP = water saving compared to paper.

Challenge = prioritize water savings in societal discussion/sustainability focus.

Stone Paper consumes very little energy.

Sustainable USP = low CO2 emissions.

Challenge = once production in Europe is possible, further reduce energy consumption using.

Stone Paper uses no bleaching agents/harmful chemicals.

Sustainable USP = sustainable alternative to paper.

Challenge = prioritize bleaching agents in societal discussion/sustainability focus.

Stone Paper requires no trees.

Sustainable USP = slowing deforestation. Protecting biodiversity.

Challenge = make consumers aware of this fact. Reveal the hidden impact of pulp paper.

Stone Paper isn't just paper; it's a force of nature, ready to conquer challenges, break norms, and pave the way for a circular paper industry.

Vision for the Future

We're in business to reforest the planet

Our challenges are not obstacles; they are the fuel for a Stone Paper revolution. Collaborate with us and let's turn Stone Paper into a sustainable trend.

Mission: Europe's first factory

Imagine the applause when Europe's first stone paper mill springs up in the Netherlands! Join our mission to take unsustainable paper and plastic out of the lead.

Our ideal world

Local paper production with the magic of the waste stream - that's the dream. Stone Paper isn't just paper; it's a local hero ready to be collected and recycled in our backyard.

Stone Paper takes the stage

Ready to replace cardboard, printing paper, writing paper and food packaging. But we need local people to get together and take these steps:

  1. Recycle Stone paper with local partners in the Netherlands and convert it into pellets that can be used for new Stone Paper in the future, while seeking alternative applications for now.
  2. Introducing a circular packaging industry with reusable (and recyclable) stone paper cardboard.
  3. Formalize an organizational structure. To be represented we need a vehicle with a name that we can use in any outside communication. Our first thought goes to setting up an NGO.

Join the alliance and follow the progress

We are a small group of committed people just getting started, and we would like to join forces to build a Stone Paper Factory in Europe. But we are still at an early stage and feel we are fighting a David versus Goliath battle. 

We expect multiple challenges ahead, but at the same time, we see many opportunities. Are you active with anything related to production, recycling, logistics, systemic change, finance, or anything close to what we try to do? 

Connect with me on LinkedIn, send me a message, or read our Manifesto and sign up to receive updates about the new blogs on this topic.

We hope to welcome you later as an official partner in the Stone Paper Alliance!

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