Collaborations Artistiques

Appel aux créatifs désireux d'imprimer leurs dessins sur les couvertures de cahiers MOYU.

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Collections artistiques

We love to use MOYUs as a way to showcase creative talent. That’s why we have a special notebook collection to promote 3 unique artistic covers.

Comment ça marche?

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Fait choisir ta couverture par nos fans

Submit your design and we will show it to our fans. Once every three months, we take the highest rated designs and choose the ones to add them to the Artistic Collection.
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We produce 50 notebooks

If your cover design gets chosen, we will print 50 notebooks and add them to the Artistic Collection in the MOYU webshop.
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Tu recevras des cahiers gratuits et un pourcentage des ventes.

We will send you 5 of your MOYU notebooks, worth €150. And then, at the end of the month, we will pay you 10% of the revenue for each of your notebooks sold.

Mur de couvertures artistiques

Examples of artistic covers that went before you.

Prêt(e) à concrétiser ton design?

You can submit either an existing or a new design. Take a look at the instruction folder with the rules and template you'll need to submit your design.

Go to Instruction Folder

Les questions fréquentes

Que dois-je soumettre exactement?
It's your choice. You can submit either a new or an existing artwork that you think will look good as a notebook cover.
We prepared an instructions folder with a document explaining the rules you should follow and a template you can use to submit your cover design.
Please keep in mind that we will only accept artwork of your own creation and does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party.
Is there a deadline for submission?
No, there is no deadline. We will add your notebook to the Wall of Artists when you submit a design. Fans will be able to vote for your design in the first next selection round. So, no rush, submit your design when you're feeling inspired.
Comment sélectionnez-vous les modèles de cahiers?
Any artist that wants to participate can submit a notebook cover design. We collect all the designs and place them on the Wall of Artists. Then, we ask our fans to vote for their favorite 3 designs. We'll then produce 50 notebooks of the top voted designs and add them to our Artistic Collection in the webshop. When one of the three designs is about to sell out, we ask our fans again which design they would like to see in the shop next.
Do I get paid for submitting a design?
We don't pay artists for submitting a design. You're entering a contest in which our fans can vote for their favorite covers. If your artwork gets selected, we will reward you with 5 free notebooks and pay you a 10% commission for your notebook sales.
That means you will receive €150 worth in notebooks and up to €135 in commission, depending on how many of the 45 notebooks are sold.
Comment fonctionne le paiement?
If your design is selected, then we will invest in printing 50 notebooks with your cover design. Once the notebooks are ready, we will send you 5 notebooks and the rest will be put for sale on our webshop. At the end of the month, we will pay you 10% of the revenue of each of your notebooks sold.
What happens after the 50 notebooks are sold out?
The first 5 notebooks are the ones that we give to you. When the remaining 45 are sold, we will replace your notebook with new cover design of another artist.
Une fois mes cahiers épuisés, puis-je encore en commander de nouveaux?
Yes, you can always place an order to print more of your notebook designs. We would offer you the same printing fees as for personalized MOYUs.