It is not important to us what your CV looks like. It doesn't matter who you are, male, female, age or ethnicity. Stay anonymous. We do think it is important that you are in the right place and fit in the team. So that together we can get the best out of you. Because without energy you are nowhere. And your personal life comes first. But they are working hard. And we focus on output. We do not believe in extensive job descriptions. So, that has been said. Now we will determine together how we can bring MOYU a step closer to its mission and what role you will play in it: a more beautiful world in which we can combat single-use paper waste.

At MOYU, the following is therefore paramount:

  • Your personal life comes first
  • You are not averse to hard work
  • We manage on output (no in and out clock mentality!)
  • We communicate openly & honestly with each other
  • Ownership in what you do is key.


When should you not apply at MOYU?

❌ If you are a yes-man.
❌ If you want to clock in at exactly 09.00 and stop exactly at 17.30.
❌ When a little chaos gives you half a heart attack.
❌ If you'd rather be lazy than tired.


And when then?

✅ If you have a heart for nature. 
✅ If you are very enthusiastic.
✅ If you are looking for a few solid tools to grow your learning curve exponentially.
✅ If you become 3x as productive just by the idea of being able to make many choices and allocating your time.
✅ If you can withstand (constructive) criticism.
✅ If you are a real go-getter and open minded.
✅ If you also think it is best to go to the dentist during the day or take the dog for a walk during your working hours.
✅ If you do not take advantage of an unlimited number of vacation days.


You will receive a fair salary based on your knowledge and experience. 


Want to get started?
Contact us ( and we will see together what is possible! Another idea? An open application may also be sent to

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