Stone paper, what's that?

A durable alternative to normal "pulp" paper is stone paper. Stone paper is a sustainable development is a tree-free type of paper that mainly consists of powdered stone (Calcium Carbonate). During the production of stone paper, no water and bleach are used, which among other things ensures a very low CO2 emission. This is in contrast to the production of traditional wood pulp paper.

The crushed stone that enters the process as a waste product is mixed with 20% recycled HDPE, a clean plastic consisting of carbon and hydrogen. This mix is ​​extruded in an efficient process to thin sheets of StonePaper. After applying a top layer for graphic printing, the material is ready for use.

The stone paper of the MOYU is made of 80% Calcium Carbonate, 10% plastic, and 10% coating to cure to paper.

The stone paper is also somewhat thicker than normal paper and tear-resistant. Each page is erasable and therefore rewritable up to 500x. Because the paper is water resistant, the pages can also be wiped with a wet cloth.

Did you also know that stone paper is ISO 14001: 2004 certified and is also ROHS, REACH and FDA. Moreover, stone paper has the C2C silver certificate and the Castor Gaea certificate from KIWA. May not tell you anything, but nice to share :)