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It looks like MOYUcuckoos are here to stay! We are looking for MOYUcukoo Agents to go undercover and find nesting grounds for these cuckoos in their city.

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Become a MOYUcukoo agent

So, you want to become a MOYUcuckoo Agent? We'd love to dazzle you with a story of the care and precision that goes into hiding a Cuckoo. But in reality, it's a fairly-simple task, and we have 99% faith in your ability to get the job done.

Step by Step Guide on How to Hide a Cuckoo

Explore your city for Cukoo-friendly bookshop nesting grounds.
Agree with the MOYU team what Thursday is Cuckoo hiding day.
Take 3 pictures of the Cuckoo's final bookstore hiding nest.
Confirm Cuckoo delivery by sending pictures to the MOYU team.

It's simple enough, right? Now, one fair warning before you apply. With an awesome role comes a bit of responsibility. If MOYUcuckoos decide to make the dangerous flight to your city, they need you to follow through, yes or yes, and find them a kick-ass nesting spot. Are you in?

Definitely, count me in!

we can hear what you think

How many weeks do I commit to?

You commit to hiding MOYUcuckoos for only 2 weeks. Two Fridays.

Do I need to hide it at a specific time?

Yes, Thursday before 12.00 so we can add your Cuckoo picture to the email going out on Friday morning.

Do I ask the store for permission to hide?

We recommend you do. But hey...we don’t always follow our own advice. Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. We leave the decision entirely up to you.

Can I get into trouble for this?

You’re not doing anything illegal, basically just donating a free book. So we think no.

Can we have a chat first?

Any time! Feel free to reach out to our MOYUcuckoo coordinator at


Become an agent

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MOYUcuckoos are migrating at a record pace. Have none been spotted in your city yet? Nominate your city as a potential Cuckoo nesting ground!

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