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We believe that we only make a positive impact if you actually use the product. Materials are not useful if the notebook is gathering dust in a cupboard. So, are you not completely satisfied? Then you can return the product. We will charge your return for this. You pay the following costs for a return:

- Netherlands €3.95

- Belgium €4.95

- Germany €4.95

- France €4.95

- Spain €4.95

- Italy €8.95

- The rest of the EU €8.95

- UK €5.95

- The rest of the world €10.95

All promises at a glance:

→ You can register your return within 30 days after receiving your product.

→ Returns must be made in the original condition and packaging (if reasonably possible). So feel free to view the product as you would in the store.

→ After 30 days it is no longer possible to return.

Has your product been used just too much? Then we won't let you down. You will then receive a part of the original purchase amount back. How much that is is based on the condition in which you return the product.

The Distance Selling Act gives you the right to return the product within 30 days of receipt without giving any reason. You can return the products unused and undamaged to us. You are not obliged to give a reason, but we are curious about it. In this way we may be able to improve our products or services.

How do I return a product?

Step 1: Collect for us:

- Your order ID / order number

- Your first and last name

- Which product you want to return

- The choice: new MOYU or the purchase amount refunded

Step 2: Send this information to

Step 3: You will receive your return label from us within 24 hours.

Step 4: Stick the label on your return package and take it to your nearest PostNL point.

Step 5: Within 24 hours after receipt of the returned product, you will receive your purchase amount back or we will send you a new item!


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