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Uitwisbare Agenda Maandplanner A4 | Duurzaam en Herschrijfbaar steenpapier
Uitwisbare To-Do List en Maandplanner | Set van twee, met lijntjes, met Frixion pen en schoonmaakdoekje | Duurzaam en Herschrijfbaar steenpapier
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The A4 Month Planner helps you to keep an overview of all your tasks, appointments, plans and projects. Hang it on your fridge and create an overview for yourself, your partner and / or your family.

What exactly is included in the order?

👉 1 x A4 Month Planner (A4) 


👉 1 x MOYU Pen *
👉 1 x Cleaning Cloth

* This pen contains special (Frixion) ink. This ink can be completely and flawlessly erased in combination with the stonepaper. Note: the ink of regular pens is not erasable!

Why should I choose a MOYU Month Planner?

Why not? 😉

In a nutshell: MOYU Month Planners are produced in an environmentally friendly way and can also last for years. For real? Yes really! The Planners are made of innovative stone paper, which feels slightly firmer and smoother than regular paper. The paper therefore remains intact for a long time and you can completely & flawlessly wipe the ink with a damp cloth. Even if the text has been on your Planner for months. ✨

Okay, so what's the benefit of obliteration?

Because you can erase your appointments, projects and plans, you can literally start every day, week or month with a clean slate. An empty Planner, month in month out. 

That offers you:

👉 More overview in your days, weeks and months
👉 A wonderfully tidy feeling when you erase your tasks
👉 The ability to rewrite your Month Planner up to 500 times

Your contribution counts!

Thanks to your purchase, we can create a green world in collaboration with our local partner Trees For Kenya. So from the bottom of our hearts: thank you for your contribution! 💚

Frequently asked Questions
What are the shipping costs and when will my product be delivered?
For all orders under €20,- the shipping costs in the Netherlands are: € 3.80
All orders over €20,- have FREE SHIPPING
All orders before 4:00 PM are shipped the same day. This means you receive the product within 1 or 2 working days.

What is stone paper
Stone paper is the sustainable alternative to "normal" paper. It is a sustainable development in tree-free paper that mainly consists of crushed stones (Calcium Carbonate). The stone paper feels firmer and slightly thicker than normal paper and is tear- and water resistant. With a wet cloth you can wipe every page in an instant and because the paper is very sturdy, each page can be rewritten up to more than 500 times.

Click here for more information!

What about that special pen?
That's right, our pen is a very special one. Only with our PILOT Frixion pen can we guarantee complete erasability. On average you can do with a pen for 3 months. This of course depends on the intensity.

How can I best erase notes?
By using stone paper and the frixion pen, all our notes are erasable, but what is the best way to wipe them out? With a damp cloth (not wet)! This makes it easiest to clean the entire page. Then wait a short time to write so that the page is dry.

What is the delivery time?
The Netherlands: If ordered before 16:00, we will ship your MOYU the same day! Then you will receive your MOYU the next working day. *
Outside the Netherlands: We do everything we can, together with our suppliers, to have your order delivered on time. It depends on where in the world you order, therefore keep the order in the gate well via the track-and-trace code.
* this does not apply to PRE-ORDER products.

Have we not yet been able to answer your question?

Click here to get answer to your questions!

Or don't hesitate and email us: hello@moyu.rocks
Out of stock?

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