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Erasable Notebook A5 | (Premium) Hardcover | Ring-binder


Lovely Leafs / Premium Hardcover

    Extra solid hardcover (1,75 mm)
    Sustainably produced stone paper
    5 years of erasable writing guaranteed
    Feels the same as writing on normal (wood pulp) paper
    Multifunctional interior

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Yes, the word is out: our latest Nature Collection is finally live! The notebooks from this collection have a renewed interior, a firmer cover and are available in 14 nature-based designs.

Every stone paper page is sustainably produced, naturally tree-free and 100% recyclable!

You can choose whether you go for a medium strong cover or a rocksolid strong cover.

  • The medium cover is made from 700 grams recycled cardboard. This cover is slightly lighter and more subtle than the rock solid version.
  • The rock solid cover is made of thick recycled, overlaid cardboard: similar to a bound book. This variant is therefore extra sturdy and impact resistant.

The inside of the notebook:

3 x To Do list

2 x Weekplanner

20 x Lines

4 x Blank

4 x Dotted

5 x Square

You'll receive this:

Notebook Spiral A5

MOYU pen (black)

Pen Pal

Cleaning Cloth

How it works
Delivery & Returns

Erasable writing is easy. Anyone can do it! Check it out:

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3
  4. Step 4

Step 1: Write

Write with the included MOYU pen suitable for stone paper. This pen contains original Frixion ink. Please note that regular pen ink is not erasable!

Step 2: Scan

Do you want to save your notes? Scan your notes with a free scanning application. Then save them in the Cloud or on Drive.

Step 3: Wipe

Dampen the included cloth with a little water, or use the MOYU spray bottle to wet the paper. Then wipe off the ink with the cloth.

Step 4: Start over

Write in your notebook again, you can do this up to 500 times!

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