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Our story

Hi there! Roel Schatorjé here talking. I’d like to take you on a journey that once started with a dream. This dream eventually led up to the founding and flourishing of MOYU. Behind it, as with any company, there’s a story to be told. In our case, it’s a story about dreaming of a green world in which human beings and nature can live together in balance and harmony.

Are you ready to dive in? Then off we go!

Nice to meet you

So, it all started with me, Roel. As a kiddo, I already felt a great deal of love for nature and animals. During my studies (skipping some time here) I first heard about stone paper and its sustainable production process. It immediately got me thinking. No acting yet.

The 'real thing'

After my studies I started working in the financial sector. Every day, I was writing down my meeting notes and transferred them to the computer. There was always paper lying on my desk to take notes, scribble and write down my tasks.

At the end of the day, I threw away the pieces of paper. And I’ll tell you honestly... It felt like I was throwing away a piece of tree. 🌳🗑️

The almost-aha-moment 💡

To take away my guilt, I decided to work digitally. Unfortunately, this didn't give me the same feeling that I experienced with ‘normal’ writing.

And so, determined as I was, I decided to buy a whiteboard notebook. I was soon disappointed when I noticed that it stained a lot, even after drying it properly. Sometimes I even lost my notes! In short, it wasn’t really a success.

On to Kenya 🐘

When you don’t experience success, you go to Kenya. My thoughts exactly. Before going there, I found out that I wanted to do more with sustainability. When I lived in Kenya I showed tourists the real Africa and supported the local farmers with knowledge and capital.

I was inspired by all the stories about the nature and culture of the local population. This got me thinking (once again).

One love, because it’s true

It started to dawn on me. Once upon a time, this entire land belonged to animals and nature. Now, we are ‘saving’ the areas, but we were the ones that destroyed it in the first place! We once lived together in one big world. Nowadays we have our human world and ‘some’ space for animals and trees to live or grow in.

I felt like I just HAD to find a solution to this problem! 🛑

When Roel met Paul 🙋‍♂️

So long story short, I started selling stone paper notebooks with Elfinbook and a former partner. I was also talking frequently at events about stone paper and sustainability. Paul heard my story and contacted me right away. We both thought it was time for a real change. At the time, I didn’t feel fully connected to Elfinbook. This is why Paul and I founded MOYU and why we focus on saving and creating new nature. We are a happy company with a sustainable vision.

In a nutshell: we sell notebooks and other stationery items made of stone paper. Stone paper itself is made of limestone and is tree free. Therefore we save a piece of nature (compared to the production of regular paper) and we hope to inspire YOU to live a much more sustainable life on a day-to-day basis too.

Read more about stone paper here.

Giving back to nature

We also want to contribute to nature. In collaboration with our partner Trees For Kenya, we plant many native 🌳🌳🌳 in Africa. This helps to support the local population and ecosystems. Those ecosystems are vital for the existence of human beings, animals and nature. It feels amazing to know that I’m now actually contributing to the environment in which I’ve learned so much. Click here for more information about Trees For Kenya.

The music to our ears

Let’s take another jump through time. Currently we have a proud MOYU team consisting of around 10 employees and interns. With this team we aim to make the world a bit more beautiful. And by beautiful we mean green. Very, very, VERY green! As a team we work hard to achieve our goal. And.. you are part of it too. 😃 For example, we have already been able to inspire thousands of people to live more sustainably and contribute to the local population and ecosystems in Kenya. Of course, no mountain is high enough for us, so we’re always trying to increase our positive impact in order to spread more green love. Feeling like contributing too? View our sustainable collection here!