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Step 1 - Collecting residual stone waste at a central location 🇹🇼

Our journey starts in Taiwan. Residual stone waste in the form of limestone is released during the mining process in the quarries and is collected by the Taiwan Lung Meng Advanced Composite Materials Company. We know, it’s a mouth full!

Step 2 - Grinding the limestone

The limestone is important for extracting calcium carbonate. This is done by grinding the limestone into powder. This stone powder is then stored in large containers and will serve as the main ingredient for our rewritable stone paper.

Step 3 - Creating the stone paper ✨

This is where the magic takes place. By adding HDPE to the calcium carbonate as a binder, rewritable and water resistant stone paper can be made from it. HDPE itself is recycled plastic and can be reused again after use. Currently, HDPE is the most environmentally friendly plastic that we can use.

Step 4 - Shipping to the Netherlands 🚢

Ready to ship! The stone paper and the MOYU pens are transported by ship in large quantities to the Netherlands and are then collected in Almere by our importer. There are more companies and organizations that order the stone paper, which means the paper is transported in big batches, therefore minimizing the impact of shipping.

Step 5 - Printing & binding the notebooks 📘

Time to bring the notebooks (and other MOYU items) to life. We chose printing company De Bij in Amsterdam, because it’s one of the most sustainable printing companies in the Netherlands. Here, the notebooks are printed and then transported to our Van Wijk bindery in Utrecht.

Step 6 - Delivering to you 🚚

The notebooks are ready to use! We store them in our distribution center Studiebijdehand in Zuidland. As soon as you place an order, your MOYU item will be sent from there and you will receive your order within 2 working days.

Step 7 - The recycle process ♻️

Everything comes to an end. Or not! We do everything we can to recycle our products in the best possible way. It is currently possible to recycle the stone paper in Taiwan (certified with a Cradle To Cradle Silver Certificate). The problem here is that returning our booklets to Taiwan means that a lot of negative impact will be made on the environment. That is why we choose to keep the notebooks here for the time being. Various parties are working hard to build a stone paper factory in Western Europe. The more the demand for stone paper increases, the more interesting it becomes (and financially possible) to create this factory.

We take responsibility for recycling or giving the notebooks a new lease of life in collaboration with charities. In the unlikely event that your notebook ends up in the plastic or paper trash bin, it will eventually be sorted with the plastic and processed accordingly. During combustion, no toxic fumes are released and the calcium carbonate even has a neutralizing effect on other toxic substances in the oven.

Everybody can always act more sustainably

We are aware that the product and our production chain can always improve on a sustainability level. Think about the transport process from Taiwan, the plastic in the pens and the not yet closed recycling chain in the Netherlands. We are therefore always looking for more sustainable solutions and we are always open to all ideas and initiatives that make our product a little (or a lot) more sustainable!

Have any ideas for us? Please send an email to paul@moyu.rocks and we will get back to you as soon as possible!