Fight waste of paper to save the trees en create new ecosystems

Create new ecosystems

Two years ago we founded MOYU out of our love for nature. With MOYU we try to inspire people to live in a more sustainable way, but we also want to contribute to that.

Unfortunately we have to conclude that our nature is having a hard time and every minute 40 football fields in trees are cut down. We believe that the destruction of this important nature should stop.

That's why we, in collaboration with Trees for Kenya , plant one tree per MOYU purchased.

Here you can see how many 🌳 we've already planted together!

Making the production process more sustainable

No wood and water is required for the production of our stone paper: extremely durable. Due to the unique properties of stone paper, our notebooks are:

🧱 Tear-resistant
💧 Water-resistant
♻️ Rewritable

Read more about stone paper 📝 here.

Creating the "infinite" notebook

We believe in quality over quantity. We only want to tell our story with the best materials, the most sustainable solution and a functional product. Each MOYU can be erased and rewritten up to 500x .

View the magic of MOYU here 😲