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Order your sustainable MOYU Christmas Box here

Creative Christmas Box

Do you have a great idea for a Christmas gift, do you want a personalized booklet or do you have another creative idea? Fill in the order list at the bottom of this page & we'll turn your idea into a beautiful Christmas package!

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Why choose a MOYU Christmas Box?

1. Inspire your employees

2. Shipping to home (of employees) possible

3. Save a lot of money, paper and nature 4. Guaranteed minimalist packaging (no unnecessary fillings) 5. And contribute to a green, sustainable world (with 3 planted trees per box!)

So ... whether you are at the top or bottom of the (Christmas) tree within your company: This MOYU Christmas Box is a valuable gift for everyone.


By giving a sustainable MOYU Christmas Box to all of your employees, you save a lot of money and paper on a yearly basis. And therefore you save essential nature! That’s hitting 3 goals with just one shot. In addition, we plant no less than 3 trees per Christmas Box in collaboration with Trees For Kenya. So, by giving a MOYU Christmas Box to your employees, you not only help to protect existing nature, you also help to create new nature.

Our promise?

This special Christmas Box won’t be thrown in the trash on New Year’s Eve, but instead will last for years – for both work and private purposes. It’s pretty hard to find a more sustainable gift out there.

Start 2022 with a paperless office

A “paperless office”(no paper, only working digitally) is hot these days. And understandably so! However, with a MOYU notebook you can continue to write by hand without making a negative impact on nature. This way, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of writing by hand (and digitize your notes if desired) and still be a paperless office.

Contribute to a green world

Consume less, live more sustainably and contribute to a greener world. It sounds great, but does it really work in practice? Absolutely

With MOYU, we want to inspire your company and show that it is possible. In fact: we like to show you HOW it is possible. Even when there’s a period like Christmas full of festivities, abundance and anything but conscious consumption.

Are you interested in a MOYU Christmas Box or do you wish to include a MOYU in your Christmas Box?

Get in touch by filling in the form below. You can indicate how you want to design your package, whether you want to personalize products and how you would like to see logistics for you

Do you have different ideas for a Christmas Box?
We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at: