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Even in this fast-growing digital world, people want to keep writing on paper in addition to using their laptop. Writing on paper boosts creativity and helps you work more efficiently, remember things better and check off to-dos faster. But without realizing it, the paper industry is 3 times as polluting (!!) as the aircraft industry. So, the question arises: how do we preserve the benefits of writing without wrecking nature?

How can we help companies?

MOYU Magic

  • Each page is made of sustainably produced tear resistant stone paper.
  • You can erase the ink on each page with a damp cloth. Then, write again and again – for up to 500 times!
  • Digitize your notes to the cloud with an app of your choice and just the click of a button.
  • Write smoothly and comfortably thanks to the use of a pen (no marker) on the thicker stone paper.
  • We plant a tree for each notebook purchased in collaboration with local partners and projects in Kenya.
  • No more loose notebooks or pieces of paper. Erase your to-do lists and notes to create more overview and structure.

Our ambassadors

Klaar voor verandering?


Chat met ons rechtsonder in het scherm of bel direct met Paul op 06-34221710


Lever het ontwerp aan met behulp van onze formats en/of laat je ontwerp door ons designen.


Alleen als jullie helemaal tevreden zijn over het design, gaan we aan de slag.


We leveren gepersonaliseerde boekjes razendsnel, soms al binnen 14 dagen.


De boekjes worden naar jou, je klanten of collega’s toegestuurd. Enjoy the write!


Ontvang je fysieke certificaat met de behaalde impact van je bedrijf.

Let’s share some facts


of our customers work faster and more productively.


less CO2 emissions during production compared to pulp paper.


MOYU booklet costs the same as writing on pulp paper for a whole year. On top of that, a MOYU notebook lasts for many years.

Connect with Paul

Phone: +31 6 15192187
OR just take two minutes to fill out the quotation form below.


Yes! This is possible starting from 20 pieces of the Ring Binder version and 100 pieces of the bound notebooks. It’s possible to personalize at least 4 pages (depending on the version of your notebook) for a small extra charge (€0 - €5 per booklet). This way you have the option to implement your own corporate identity and branding. Pretty useful when the product lasts for many years!

That’s up to you! We have formats ready for you to use, but we can also design your notebook for a fixed fee of €150 excl. BTW.

The higher the number of notebooks you order, the higher the discount that we can offer you. Discount starts at 10% and can lead up to 45%.

It’s true that there are other options out there. However, we believe that cheap is expensive. Investing in quality costs a bit more than the average options. The quality of stone paper pays back the investment easily though: the production itself is far more sustainable, the product lasts for years and both the writing and erasing quality are flawless.

A notebook is always accompanied by a pen loop, cleaning cloth and the special MOYU pen. This pen is essential to have the erasable effect. Ink of regular pens can not be erased.

Our special MOYU pens are necessary to be able to erase the ink spotlessly. The pens can be refilled with new ink fillings. Once the pen runs out of ink, we offer profitable options to order extra pens or fillings. On top of that, we offer various colors like blue and red. Of course it’s possible to set up some profitable agreements for you when you make recurrent orders.

Sure! We have the option to send all products from our logistics center to any desired destination within Europe. We’ll need all addresses to do so. It goes without saying that we treat those addresses very carefully.

For delivery to a random address in the Netherlands we ask for a fee of €19,95 excl. BTW (for the total delivery). If you wish to send each booklet to a different address within the Netherlands, a fee of €4,95 excl. BTW per address will be charged. Prices for shipment abroad can be discussed together.

Stone paper has a silver Cradle to Cradle certificate, meaning it’s a circular product. So please do not throw away your notebook, but hand it in to us again. Learn all about this circulair chain on this page

Awesome! We love hearing that. For multiple orders from the same company or organization we can give you a discount of 5% (over the complete price).