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Why should you or shouldn't you choose MOYU?

on November 18, 2020

Take aways from this article: 

  • MOYU notebooks from stone paper are bad sustainable, so you can stay guilt-free writing by hand. The trees are spared.
  • We are a start-up and still stand for a lot challenges. It is always possible more durable, we are aware of that. Not everything about our products is as sustainable as possible, but we will keep them constantly developing.
  • In front of left-handers it is more difficult to use our booklets. The ink has to be one dry for a few seconds and so you may be smearing the ink.

Our product is still fairly new on the market, especially in the Netherlands. That is why it makes sense that many people are a bit hesitant. Does it really work? Is it nice to write? Is it really that sustainable? All understandable questions. Questions that we also asked before we really became familiar with stone paper. So we understand that it can be quite a decision whether or not to go for a sustainable MOYU notebook.

Of course there are both advantages and disadvantages and therefore reasons to buy a stonepaper notebook and reasons not to. To help you make your choice, we will list the reasons for and against together. Because we also want you to feel good when you purchase a MOYU booklet! ;)

MOYU duurzaam notitieboek

Why not buy a MOYU booklet?

1. The purchase is more expensive than that of a paper notebook.

A ring binder booklet costs almost 27 euros and a premium A5 booklet almost 37 euros. While you may only pay a few euros for a paper notebook.

2. It still contains plastic.

Plastic is used in the stonepaper production process. Crushed stone is mixed with recycled HDPE, a clean plastic. The stone paper therefore consists of 80% Calcium Carbonate and 20% plastic. The plastic that we use remains within the MOYU chain and is therefore reused.

3. You are left-handed.

For left-handed people, it can be more difficult to write in a stonepaper notebook. The ink takes a few seconds to dry and can therefore be smeared if you run your hand over it.
Our experience shows that it is not a problem for some, and for others it is. That is why we advise you to try the booklet, so that you can experience it for yourself. Are you not satisfied? Then you just get your money back! (Up to 60 days after purchase).

MOYU Steenpapier notitieboek

Why would you buy a MOYU booklet?

1. The booklets are very durable.

With one MOYU booklet you can advance at least 5 years. It is therefore a long-term investment that you will quickly recoup. That makes the price of our sustainable notebooks suddenly a bit more attractive;)

2. Work paperless, but write by hand.

Writing by hand is fun to do and also has psychological benefits, such as better remembering things you write down. Isn't it great if you can keep doing that, but paperless? It saves a lot of clutter on your desk and in the house and you save trees with it!

3. The professional appearance of the booklets.

Walking around with a MOYU booklet looks professional and chic. Our durable notebooks have a beautiful design, both outside and inside, whether you like a simple cover or a beautiful image. There is a lot of choice and new designs are also on the way :)

3. More overview in your tasks, notes and work.

In a MOYU booklet you can store all your notes that you can then delete again. This gives you a much better overview. Our customers indicate that switching to a MOYU booklet provides much more peace of mind and an overview of all to-do's, tasks and notes.

4. Good for nature.

You want to contribute green to the world. We all know we need to change our choices and behaviors. That starts with small steps. MOYU is one such step towards less deforestation and paper waste.

Are you going to try out a sustainable MOYU booklet made of stone paper?

by Rob on March 19, 2021


Ik lees: “Een ringband boekje kost bijna 27 euro en een premium A5 boekje bijna 37 euro. Terwijl je voor een papieren notebook misschien maar een paar euro betaald.”

Betaalt moet met een t.

Overigens heb ik, als linkshandige, ook een notebook van Moyu. Het is even wennen, maar ik ga er zeker schik van hebben.

Rob F.

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