Why MOYU has stolen my heart.

on February 20, 2020  in Review

Help, structure!

This is really a case of contributing. Now that I have already filled a lot of paper notebooks, signed and worn them out, I started looking for a sustainable alternative. I switched from paper to a digital agenda and I find that I find this step more difficult with a notebook. When I write, I already think more about what I write than when I type it. It gives me focus. I am also someone who likes to write and wants it to look nice. So when I scratch sentences, the page looks sloppy and I prefer to start the next one nicely. How a waste of paper! I am slightly chaotic and therefore I strive for cleanliness and overview in my notes. Clear time to look for a solution, because wasting paper conflicts with the image I have about my contribution to sustainability.

Stone paper? !

After some research into various notebooks and a failed attempt to use only an app, I found Moyu. I was immediately fascinated by their use of stone paper, I did not know this yet. Curious as I am, I read their blogs and saw the difference you make when you use stone paper instead of normal paper. In terms of waste of paper, I am aware of printing as little as possible and things like that. Paper is made from wood, from the trees that we cut while we need trees in our ecosystem. When I read that one booklet already has a lot of positive impact on the earth, I made my choice. Only then choose the cover, the Misty Mountain or the Sparkly Red ...


I mainly use my Moyu for work. In it I write down my ideas, check off my tasks and I keep an overview in my to do's. From childhood I love to draw, so I keep my attention. To then read through my notes without flowers or send them to colleagues, I can easily erase the doodles. The bullet journal pages are therefore my favorite. Explaining something or getting it explained on the basis of a drawing makes this the creative environment in which I work a lot easier.

It is therefore a big plus that the booklet can be erased. If I have saved a page digitally, I can clean it in one go with a wet cloth. I make small adjustments with the eraser on the back of the pen. When I make a mistake, it doesn't matter. I erase it, adjust it, and then save my notes in my folder on my computer by taking a picture of the page. This way I can always access it and I can use the page again, reducing the number of pages used. That is a lot more sustainable than my previous notebooks.

Chaos = gone.

To structure the jumble of my thoughts and various tasks, I make full use of the to do list. I like being able to physically tick off a task. By erasing the checked tasks at the end of the day, I close the tabs in my head. My head is 'empty' again when the working day ends and the evening starts. The day after I add some more to do's without using extra pages for it or possibly being distracted by previous tasks. That's how I keep my head every day.

The good thing about writing in a Moyu is that the booklet remains open. It does not automatically close itself. Handy, because the ink also needs a few seconds to dry. The difference with writing on normal paper is palpable, it is a slightly different way of writing but you get used to it quickly. The pages are thicker and the writing on stone paper feels smoother and lighter, you 'slide' over it with your pen.

In short ..

I am happy with the choice that I made. In addition to the fact that I find my booklet great in terms of functionality, I find the mission they pursue even more important. As a story lover, Moyu has caught me with their story. Now I write mine in Sparkly Red.

Rochelle (26 years).

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by Lydia Montalbano on March 16, 2021

I’m impressed by your products! I find it useful for my work notes. I will also buy one for my partner who is a creative designer. we both use to take notes and this seems the best solution. Suggest you should engage with all businesses/companies, it would be the best tool for any employee!

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