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Reusable toilet paper!

on April 01, 2020

Reusable toilet paper made from stone, THE most sustainable option!

The Good Roll & MOYU offer a solution for those who can’t get hold of toilet paper for the last few weeks, or those who want to stop buying new paper all the time.

Happy toilet paper made out of stone with a mission.

MOYU & The Good Roll have after years of testing, finally found the solution. By combining forces they developed erasable toilet made from STONE!

How did they come to this cooperation?

Roel: Our goal with MOYU is to reduce paper waste. If you take a look at paper use in households, then it makes sense to think about toilet paper. On a daily basis, only in the Netherlands, 640.000 rolls of toilet paper are sold!

Melle: We at TGR are always looking for innovative ways to take a shit.

Roel: The beautiful thing is that now every time that you flush the toilet, you contribute to a new piece of nature.

Melle: And of course we keep on building toilets, win-win!

Roel: Yes, we are aware that it is a big habit change to wash your toiletpaper, but the same problem had the diaper world and there is a numerous amount of people that use washable diapers.

Melle: The rolls are more expensive, but last way longer.

Roel: Stone paper does not really wear out, so one piece of toilet paper can be used like up to 500 times!

Melle: Yes, so one roll will last you half a year!

"if we want to save the nature, we have to make the shi(f)t."

Sales info: (Available next week):

The Rock Choice (1 roll) 4,95 euro

www.thegoodroll.nl & www.moyu.rocks

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