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Erasable Notebook FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

on July 06, 2021
In this article we list all the questions about erasable notebooks. And of course you will receive an answer!
Are you missing any questions? Feel free to mail to hello@moyu.rocks and we will add your question to the article! 

What is an erasable notebook?

An erasable notebook is a notebook where you can erase the text (ie the ink) from the pages. You can then write on the page again. It's that simple! 

There are various providers, both national and international. The largest national companies are currently bambook, Correctbook, green book and MOYU


Correctbook MOYU

How does an erasable notebook work? 

That differs per brand and per notebook. For example, erasable notebooks have been made from whiteboard material: writing and erasing is then comparable to writing and erasing on a whiteboard. You often write with a marker and you can erase the ink with a cloth and sometimes a (water) spray. 

You've also made erasable notebooks from rock paper, such as those of MOYU. This paper is made of limestone and feels more like pulp paper, only firmer and smoother. You write on it with a Frixion pen or marker of your choice and you can erase the ink with a damp cloth. 

In addition, you can choose to digitize your notes before erasing the ink. Some brands of erasable notebooks have developed their own scanning app, others refer to scanning apps that already exist. Read more about our favorite here free scanning apps

So in a nutshell, an erasable notebook works like this:

Step 1: Write with your pen or marker

Step 2: After an average of 10-20 seconds, the ink is completely dry

Step 3: If you want to save your notes, scan and digitize them with a scan app

Step 4: If you want to delete your notes, do that with a (damp) cloth and possibly the supplied spray 

Step 5: Once the page is dry, you can write again! 

Schrijven in notitieboek

How long does an erasable notebook last?

That really depends on the brand, the type of erasable notebook and of course how often you use it (and… how you handle it). On average, you can assume that an erasable notebook can be rewritten a few hundred times. 

With whiteboard notebooks you may notice that the ink more difficult can be deleted and/or that there is spots stay behind. 

With stone paper notebooks, the ink does not take as well at a certain point and you will louder must to press on the rock paper. 

Is an erasable notebook also circular?

An erasable notebook is not necessarily the same as a circular or sustainable notebook

A shame, what a perfect combination if you ask us! After all, an erasable notebook lasts longer than regular notebooks, and if it is also easy to recycle, you have 2 birds with one stone. 

There are many sustainable notebooks that are made of 100% circular material, such as plant residues or limestone. However, not every material lends itself to an erasable notebook. Read carefully on the company's website and look for quality marks that indicate that the material is easily recyclable, such as the Cradle to Cradle certificate. 


What are the benefits of an erasable notebook?

Various studies point to the advantages by to write of the hand. It improves your memory, you can process information better and you increase your concentration and focus. Thanks to an erasable notebook, you can enjoy these benefits without guilt and without negative impact on nature, unlike pulp paper notebooks (which at some point are full and thrown away). 

You can combine writing by hand and working digitally very well. With your computer you work faster and by writing by hand you create more overview, focus and brain activity. So the best of both worlds! Want to read more about this combination? Check out all the benefits of this golden duo in our blog. 

The unique thing about an erasable notebook is that you can completely erase the notes you have made. This way you start every day with a clean page and therefore with more overview and peace of mind. 

In addition, an erasable notebook provides:

  • Preventing single use paper
  • Lake Overview in your notebook
  • More efficient and more productive to work 
  • Advantages of writing by hand 
  • Delicious cleaned up feeling thanks to erase


What are the disadvantages of an erasable notebook?

There are few disadvantages to mention, except for two points:

  1. you are huge attached at 'just paperand don't want to deviate from that. An erasable notebook always feels a little different from the standard notebooks – you may have to get used to that. 
  2. je want not wait on the ink that sometimes takes a little longer to dry. This also varies by brand, but the average erasable notebook takes a little more time when it comes to drying the ink. 

What are normal prices for an erasable notebook?

On average you can assume between the 20 and 40 euros for an erasable notebook. This of course differs per size, material and brand. 

Where can I buy an erasable notebook?

Type "erasable notebook" into Google and you'll find plenty of options! These are the most famous brands in the Netherlands:

Each brand has its own unique characteristics, materials, prices and mission. The great thing about this list is that we all support a mission or (green) project. We therefore recommend that you read this carefully – unless it is not important to you of course.


Erasable notebook: yay or nay? 

An erasable notebook may still sound a bit awkward, but we wouldn't be surprised if it becomes the norm within 1-2-3 years. At least it should be! In this way we can stop unnecessary paper waste and preserve precious forests and ecosystems. How and with which erasable notebook is up to you. 

Read in with the various providers and ask for experiences from people around you. You might want to try one of their erasable notebooks! You can also go to a physical store to try the product there. Here you can see, for example, an overview of the stores where MOYU can be found. There are of course also shops that have the other brands for sale. Do your research and know: once you've tried an erasable notebook, you'll never want to go back!

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