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Two sustainable alternatives to Google

on April 16, 2021

Sustainable googling and help plant 382 trees in 2 weeks? Easy! The search engines Ecosia and SearchGreen make it easy for you. How? Read on quick!

Planting trees with searches in search engines: "Yes" I hear you think... Yet it really is possible! Since a few weeks we have been completely in the clouds of green search engines such as ecosia and SearchGreen. Two providers that do exactly the same as Google. You type in a search query in the search bar and Ecosia or SearchGreen gives you the search results. These two sustainable search engines then ensure that your search behavior is converted into planting trees. How nice is that!


duurzame zoekmachine google bomen planten

Why switch to another search engine?
You and I are not the only ones using search engines. Globally, 1.4 billion searches are processed each year by Google alone. Our search behavior releases Co2, which is about 0.2 grams of Co2 per search. Global Internet use is good for 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This number is expected to double by 2025. Google and Bing have indicated that they want to be energy neutral by 2030, but that is of no use to us yet. Google seems to be the most sustainable search engine right now – we'll tell you more about that in a moment. 

Green Search Engines
At MOYU we are very concerned with the climate and nature. When purchasing any MOYU notebook, we plant via Trees for Kenya a tree. In this way we want to give something back to our planet. These green search engines also have a green mission. Because of your search behaviour, they are able to plant trees and ensure greening. 


Revenue fromgedraggreen search engines is invested by your search behavior in planting trees and greening projects!

Planting trees with my search behaviour, how does that work?
The Ecosia search engine does the same as Google's search engine. You type in a search term and in no time you will see a list of websites that answer your question or search query. Just like with Google or Bing, you will first see advertisements with Ecosia or SearchGreen. Those ads are essential for planting trees. The advertisers pay big money to be visible on search engines.

Advertising costs money. The money these search engines receive they invest in tree planting projects around the world. So you can say with certainty that when you use these search engines, you are planting trees! And getting an answer to your question and planting trees. Great isn't it?!

What are the differences between Ecosia and SearchGreen?
First of all, what are the similarities? Using both search engines is free. It costs you nothing to be presented with search results. Both search engines are committed to greening the earth through various projects. Both providers use existing search engines. They receive search results via Google and Bing. This has saved SearchGroen and Ecosia a lot of work and ensures that you can surf the web in a pleasant way. Okay, but what's the difference then?

ZoekGroen bomen planten duurzame zoekmachineSearchGroen is a small Dutch company that is run entirely by volunteers. The organization is fully committed to restoring the earth by offering an alternative way of searching on the internet. They do this by using Google search results. That is nice for many users, because they have always used Google and it is therefore not a big switch. As we mentioned earlier, Google seems to be leading the way when it comes to sustainability. That is the main reason why SearchGreen has opted for a partnership with Google.

The switch from Google to SearchGreen does not seem like a big step. Yet the layout looks less beautiful compared to Google. However, the advantages far outweigh this disadvantage. SearchGreen invests no less than 95%(!!) of all income in developing green vegetation-rich landscapes. The remaining 5% is used to cover the costs of SearchGreen. The income it generates comes from advertising revenue. It may well be that you have not heard of the SearchGreen search engine before. It has no marketing budget. They do not advertise, because as mentioned, 95% of the proceeds go to nature. 


At the moment, SearchGreen has a total of 353 trees planted and ensured that 28,100 m2 of dry land has been greened.

The Ecosia search engine is already a lot better known. This German company uses the search engine Bing. Just like SearchGreen, you use a different standard search engine here, but Ecosia handles the income from advertisements differently. Ecosia is whole transparent in its expenses and shows you exactly what she does with her earnings.

However, there is some criticism about Ecosia. That's because of their partnership with Bing. This search engine gives slightly different search results than Google and therefore works a little less pleasant for many.

Yet Ecoisa has many fans and they have already been able to give a lot back to our planet. Ecosia has already planted more than 123,000,000 trees. An unprecedented number! And all because of the search behavior of its users. The nice thing about this search engine is that Ecosia shows you in the screen how many trees you have already planted with your search behaviour. On the site you can see which tree projects Ecosia supports. At the top right of the Ecosia home screen you can see exactly the exact number.


caro, our Design Intern, Ecosia has been using for about 2 weeks and has already planted 382 trees!

Find and plant trees!
We believe that if these are the only criticisms, it is not a bad plan at all to switch search engines. Both green search engines can be set as a free default search engine on both Windows and Apple devices. 

Do you want to keep using Google and still search green? Then we recommend SearchGreen. Are you a fan of Bing, then Ecosia is your new search engine. We are curious how many trees you can plant in the coming week!

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