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on March 02, 2020  in Zakelijk

Sustainability is a hot topic. But really. Everything has to be arranged so and so and the sustainable business objectives have to be achieved within the foreseeable future, because otherwise… So much is coming at us that we can no longer see the forest through the trees. If there are any forests at all. But just as seriously: how are we going to ensure that we make the right choices within the corporate world to make things sustainable? Today we focus on paper waste and the impact of the use of paper on the work floor. Here, too, smart choices can be made to achieve your sustainable objectives.

Because did you know that ...

    < li> It takes 957 liters of fuel to produce one ton of paper? And to make a single A4, you need no less than 10 liters of water.
  1. A company in America spends an average of no less than 3% of its turnover on paper, printing and storing information? In fact, a sheet of paper is consumed by every employee every 12 minutes.
  2. The paper industry is the fifth largest energy consumer in the world?
  3. paper has increased by 400%?
  4. CO2 emissions in the paper industry are responsible for 7.0% of total global CO2 emissions? For comparison, even the airline industry doesn't even reach the 3.0%.

We found this quite shocking, which is why we also have a a few tips:

  1. Reducing paper usage is a good first step. For example, a company with 500 employees consumes on average 5,000 sheets of paper per person per year. That equals more than 42,000 KG of CO2 emissions per year. Communicate more digitally via email or TV screens, set the printer to double-sided by default and hang the above facts above the printer.
  1. If you use paper anyway: make sure paper is properly is collected (read: separated and recycled).
  1. Also take a critical look at the impact of the production of certain types of paper. For example, for the production of stonepaper < / a> 67% less CO2 is released compared to the production of pulp paper. In addition, stone paper lasts a lot longer due to its rigid structure, and can be rewritten. This way you automatically need a lot less paper!

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