Are you signing for a green future?

Do you stand for a sustainable world and do you make your voice heard on March 17? Then sign the sustainable coalition agreement! If you sign the sustainable coalition agreement, a petition will be sent to the House of Representatives. The new cabinet is then asked to draw up a clear action plan to achieve the SDGs.

The United Nations in 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs for short) was created. The SDGs, also known as the Sustainable Development Goals are signed by all 193 member states of the UN. In total there are 17 SDGs. The main goal of the Sustainable Development Goals is to end extreme poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change.

SDG duurzaam regeerakkoord verkiezingen tweede kamer

The UN wants to achieve these goals by 2030. SDG Nederland works together with more than 1,000 social organizations, youth groups, municipalities, financial institutions, educational and knowledge institutions and residents' initiatives. SDG Netherlands is one foundation that facilitates involved parties by informing, activating and connecting them. The foundation works from society and has close contact with the SDG coordinator from the government.

On March 17, we will go to the polls and have influence on the policy for the next 4 years. With our vote we can influence the formation of the new cabinet. However, the decisions that will be made now will be felt for this and the next generation for much longer. The new coalition agreement will have to strike a good balance between economy, ecology and social values. In short, a sustainable coalition agreement based on the SDGs. Because sustainability is about more than more nature - it is about fair compensation for services or products provided, equal treatment regardless of background, sufficient drinking water for everyone on earth and we can go on and on. So very important, we think! 

Do you make more than your voice heard? You can read and sign the entire manifest via the website

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