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The Golden Combination: Writing By Hand & Working Digitally.


Take-aways from this article

👉 Writing by hand, for example in a durable notebook, has many advantages over digital annotation. You stimulates your brain and keep it young with this.

👉 You can make digital notes issues involve. Both social issues as practical issues. It's less convenient and effective than most people think.

👉 A paperless office and still writing by hand is fortunately possible. Replace pulp paper with durable notebooks and you benefit from "the best of both worlds". 

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our society. And rightly so, of course. It has so many benefits! Not only for the environment, but also for the wallet. And just for the sake of convenience. Because what is useful about having to replace things after a short time? Nothing! Consider, for example, the amount of notebooks you chase through for school or work. That must be more than you actually realize. That is why it is wise and convenient to use a durable notebook!

Of course, we are also making more and more use of computers and laptops, on which we can easily (and quickly!) Note things down. But if you have a meeting and are talking to people, do you really want such a screen in front of you? It is not very personal and it will not benefit your conversation. There are even more objections, see below.

The objections to fully digital notes

  • Technical objections. Not everyone is a fan of technical gadgets, programs or tools. There are so many these days and they can all be slightly different. You have to make sure you get one backup and that you can easily take your notes parts. Also can privacy be an issue. 

  • Social objectionsTaking notes digitally requires more attention than writing them down. So you quickly start multitasking and for most people that just doesn't work. You can therefore not or less well concentrate on the meeting or conversation. People will not always appreciate that.
  • Psychological problems. Take digital notes has a less good effect on us psychologically than writing by hand. We would like to discuss this further. 👇

    What are the psychological benefits of writing by hand?

    "The art of writing is to say a lot with few words".

    - Antón Chéjov.

    1. Writing by hand improves learning.

    By taking notes by hand, you remember the things you write down easier than when you type it. The process stimulates part of the brain that it Reticular Activating System hot. This system is actually a kind of brain filter for it recording information. If you write something down, this system picks it up extra well.

    2. You become a better writer.

    Many good and well-known writers write by hand. Because you write slower, your imagination also better the chance to optimal to work. It also ensures that you think better about what you actually write down.

    3. You avoid distractions.

    New technologies give us the opportunity to do more things at the same time, but by nature humans are just not good at it multitasking. Ultimately, we can only really focus on one thing, so that we largely forget the rest around us. At the writing by hand don't get distracted. You are busy with one thing and can therefore do it well. You already have your concentration needed to write texts by hand.

    4. You keep your brain active.

    If you write by hand a lot, slow down you it aging process of the brain. You train your visual, motor and mental abilities. Also, the intelligence of a person higher when the person writes a lot by hand. So you can literally get smarter of writing by hand.

    5. You improve your resolving ability.

    Putting a complex issue or problem on paper makes it a lot easier. You can look at it from a distance, as it were. So create you rest for yourself and a solution comes to you faster.  

    6. Write it off! 

    It is not said for nothing. By writing down all your thoughts, feelings and questions, you literally give it a place and you can let it go better. This applies to both private and work-related fantasies. 

    But ... I want one paperless office!

    Very well! 😊 

    We recommend using the combination of working digitally as much as possible and the advantages of writing by hand. This way you save paper, money and distraction while doubling your efficiency (and that of your colleagues or employees).

    Our tip: use digital work for, for example, invoices, contracts, correspondence and communication. For notes and notes we recommend a durable notebook (such as our own brand or another brand you like). This way you can write by hand to your heart's content and without guilt for optimal concentration, efficiency and focus. 😉


    Do you want to know how much money you will save by switching to digital invoicing, for example?

    Then check out our blog Step By Step Towards A Paperless Office. 

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