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Rock the B-stock!

on May 11, 2020  in Our story

Behind the scenes at MOYU ...

At the end of 2019 we were full of enthusiasm and conviction. After months of research and a successful test, we tied the knot. We would produce a huge amount of sustainable booklets. We were ready for the next step. These would be the designs. The production method was fixed and therefore the CO2 emissions would be minimal. For the creative a nice variant (the Misty Mountain is still one of our bestsellers), nice colors, but also timeless designs. Our main demand: the booklets should last a lifetime.

Just before production would start, we had choose a production-option that would strengthen the booklets even more by the use of a linen strip on the rear end. NICE, our booklets may last several generations!

But unfortunately this wasn't the case. Reality hit hard. The stone paper is such a new material that something happened that we couldn't really have seen coming. The paper is so stiff (and so heavy) that it puts a lot of forcee on the back of the booklet, which made the glue comes off at the linen strip. Fortunately, the rest of the book remained intact, but it is a strange idea.. You get a book that should last a life-time and within a few weeks it seems to fall apart.

How we felt the moment we got the first complaints. We literally shed tears ...
Notebooks Huilen MOYU

To fix the problem, we re-glued all the notebooks we had in stock and applied extra double-sided tape. Fortunately, we were able to solve a large part of the problems. You would think it all ended well ... right?

Well, this wasn't the case. There were more booklets with the same problem and suddenly we had more users with the same complaints. Inexplicable, but also unacceptable.

Meanwhile, in May 2020, perhaps 10% of all booklets have been returned. The vast majority of books were not showing any signs of damage and would still score a 10 out of 10 (if we believe our reviews). But still ... We want 100% of our customers to have the ultimate user experience. We would, and will, do anything to make that happen.

Not only did we start a new production ,where we fixed this problem, we also carried out all other optimizations, renewed designs, added extra functionalities (such as an extra to-do list) and we have come up with completely new models (ring binder) in new formats (A6).

Our message : if you are experiencing problems with a detached cover? Let us know at hello@moyu.rocks. You can return your booklet and of get your money back. Another option is that you can keep the booklet and get a 50% discount on your next booklet! We trust that you are honest.

And not unimportant: from now on we will sell all the books that we still have from the production from 2019 for a lowered price: € 19.95 (instead of € 29.95). I would say: Rock the B-Stock.

Our mission is still on! The product is fantastic, but we want more. Much more. We want to create nature. And for that you need help. So spread the word!

Our love is great. Thank you.

P.S .: We are busy with very cool new tree planting projects! More on that soon ...

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