Our partner Trees for Kenya

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Trees for Kenya is a Kenyan non-governmental organization that both plants and manages donor trees with tree nurseries. The unique is in their partnership brand. They create seamless partnerships that put their partner objects first. In this they collaborate with vulnerable communities, Community Forest Associations and Kenya Forest Service, to identify affected forests that need reforestation. On community farms they support farmers to plant trees for firewood, wood, nitrogen balance, soil improvement, fruit, feed and general forestry trees. In addition, their organization works with schools in their efforts to plant trees.

Together with MOYU, Trees for Kenya is planning a tree for every notebook sold. MOYU decided to collaborate with Trees for Kenya because they restore ecosystems with a varied collection of trees. Many tree planting projects plant a kind of tree that creates forests with a monoculture where, moreover, it is often at the expense of the soil used by poor farming families. Trees for Kenya takes various aspects into account to combat this.

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